Sunday, February 18, 2007

SNOW! (Random thoughts thereof)

  • If snow is a gift from God, he can keep it!
  • 12" of some things is good. Snow is not one of them!
  • I hate shoveling!
  • People in my neighborhood are insane when it comes to moving snow!
  • White reflects too much light!
  • Snow removal is a racket!
  • The human body is not designed to remove snow!
  • I have sore muscles where I didn't even know I had muscles.
  • Snow blowers don't work forever! Mine died!
  • Snow shovels must be designed by midgets. (At least the handles are.)
  • 15 year old boys can shovel three times as much snow as an over-60 grandpa.
  • Snow does cover up a lot of dirt and stuff.
  • Snow is beautiful when sitting inside looking out.
  • Snow makes people drive stupidly.
  • Have you ever noticed how quiet it is after a snowfall?
  • When it melts, snow makes a real mess.
  • Kids love snow!
  • I have had enough snow for this winter. By next year, maybe I will have forgotten!