Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Look???

There is this little sign atop my blog page when I sign on that says that "Blogger is getting a new look in April. Update Now.
I don't want to update now, or ever. I like it just the way it is. Why do we always have to update and change? Why can't the status quo be good enough? Is it necessary to update every time technology makes a baby step forward?
I remember when Microsoft came out with the new Office. What confusion it caused. Now I have an even newer version of Office, and I hate it. It's cumbersome to use, and for us novices on the computer, it's very confusing. As one of my readers stated the other day, "just keep clicking" and that's what I have to do. I used to know where to go to cut, paste, change margins, etc. But now, each thing you want to do is in a different place, and to find it they should draw you a "map" telling us how to do it. Clicking on "help" doesn't help, because it is not "user friendly" at all.
Oh well, now that I have whined, maybe it's time for some wine!


Friday, March 30, 2012

Bloglanders Beware!

I noticed that there was a little "flag" atop my blog yesterday saying I could update my blog.  Being a real dummy on the computer, I thought that maybe it would improve my blog look if I updated.  NOT!  It is a new format for the dashboard.  It's all spread out, it's confusing, and what's worse, I can't seem to cancel it and get the old dashboard back. I'm not sure if I will ever be able to change my blog look again.  Where and how has seem to be missing on the new dashboard.  Damn technology!  Sometimes it is best to use the theory, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."  This is one of those times.  Why didn't I listen to my inner self???  So, fellow bloggers, if you are thinking of clicking that little "flag" when it appears, beware of change.  Change is not always good!

Not peaceful at the minute,

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tooth Truth

I broke a tooth last week. Bummer! (That one day after my car battery inherited a bad cell when I was out in the middle of BF Egypt visiting Curley. This called for a tow and a repair bill over $200.00)
So, this week I decided to call my dentist to make an appointment for tooth repair. I was told politely that Dr. H no longer had her practice in that office and that she had moved it to such and such town. (About 35 miles north of me.) The receptionist refused to give me a number where Dr. H could be reached, or the name of the practice or an address. She wasn't snarky about it, and I gathered that she had been told by her boss not to convey that information. After searching the internet for Dr. H, I located her new practice, new address and new phone number. I called and she could see me today.
She took one look at my tooth and said that I really needed a crown, but she could do a "buildup" and I could do the crown later on. I opted for that choice. So, now the tooth is at least fixed for a while, and I am $386.00 poorer.
Now, I know that I could have chosen to go to a dentist closer to home. Logic tells me that. But, over the course of years, I have had lots and lots of bad experiences with dentists, and Dr. H is the kindest, most gentle dentist I have ever gone to. She's young, vibrant and a wife and mother. She understands my fears and is tolerant of my having her stop what she is doing and letting me take a few deep breaths. She knows my fear of shots, and I sweat she can numb me and it doesn't even hurt. So, I want to stick with her. Besides that, she's just a good Christian person.
Going into her new digs was an experience, too. The place is new, beautifully appointed, and comfortable. The waiting room looks like a living room. The staff were so kind and welcoming, and when I left, they were encouraging me that all is not so bad. (When I am numb, everything seems out of sync.)
So, I will continue to drive the extra miles to a dentist who is willing to "go that extra mile" to make me feel safe and comfortable.

Still numb 4 hours later, but at peace,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Come, let's stroll, stroll across the floor."

Last night, as Prof, Kiddo and I gathered in front of the TV, we discovered that all the good stuff was in reruns due to the NCAA games. Kiddo wandered upstairs after Jeopardy was over, I migrated into my "studio" to create a "thank you" card and Prof remained buried on the couch with afghan and laptop. Pretty soon I heard loud, old music coming from the living room. I went in to see what was on and Prof had the TV on one of those stations that plays 80's rock music, no videos, just stills of the artists and some scrolling information about the artist and the songs.

A song came on that Prof said, "I hate that song" to, so we changed it to a golden oldies channel. We heard Andy Williams, Dion and the Belmonts, Carole King, etc. Pretty soon, here came Kiddo "dancing" down the stairwell. We continued to listen and poke fun at (good naturedly, of course) some of the songs, at "doo-wop" backgrounds and laughed and sang along. Funny how that worked. Rosie and the Originals came on singing "Angel Baby," (circa 1961). Prof said that it sounded like a "stroll" song. So, she got up and did the stroll. I said that that wasn't the way we did the "stroll" when I was in HS. I got up and proceeded to show them how the "stroll" was really done. Not like a line dance, side to side, but with dancers forming a line on either side and you and your partner "strolled" down that aisle, then the next couple did the same. What memories that brought back.

Of course, all the time, Kiddo was "roflhao" and Prof told me that I probably wouldn't be able to walk tomorrow. Guess what, no pain, no gain. We laughed; we had fun. More memories in the making.

Of course, I didn't tell them that one time in HS I about got asked to leave a "sock hop" for doing the "stroll" with too much "pelvic thrust." Sounds like a scene from "Grease" doesn't it?
Strange but true, English teacher, RLB, gave me a tongue lashing, which caused chaos to reign. LOL!


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fashion Statement of Faux Pas?

Are flannel "pajama" pants now a fashion statement?

I was at a local department store the other day (you guessed it...Walmart), and I noticed several women walking around the store in flannel pants. One had teddy bears on a powder blue background, another Sponge Bob Square Pants on a bright yellow background. Still another wore what looked like big purple dinosaurs on a lavender background. All wore tee shirts and flip flops, too. All pants were baggy and dragged on the ground, thus were soiled and sloppy looking.

Now, these were not teenagers; these were moms, or at least two of them had young ones in the carts with them. The kids were in tee shirts and jeans, not in their jammies.

I just wondered to myself," did these gals have a slumber party, or did they just get up and decide to go en masse to Wally World, and were too lazy to get dressed?" Maybe I am out of touch, but it seems like pajamas should stay at home. Along with sweat pants, yoga pants and lounge wear. I know that most people own at least jeans, and that has to look better than wearing flannel baggies that make one look larger than they are. Don't these gals ever look in a mirror. Maybe they are just too lazy to care.

Then today, there was a car stopped along the highway with the hood up. Standing there with a cigarette in one hand, and cell phone up to her ear, watching a guy poking around under the hood was a gal guessed it, flannel loungers that were black with red chili peppers on them.

All that is missing from these outfits are tee shirts printed with "I have completely given up on life."


Sunday, March 18, 2012

We Could Have Been Killed...Or Worse!

*Sometimes those laughable "blasts from the past" just make good blog fodder!

Dateline:Somewhere in Massachusetts in the summer of 1966: My Uncle T and Auntie K and their two kids and I went on a camping trip to the East. Uncle T's new Ford pulling a Nimrod Apache fold-out camper trailer, loaded with 5 people and all the gear we would need for 3 weeks of fun and camping. Late one afternoon, we pulled into a campground called "Fireman's Field." This was somewhere in Massachusetts, close to the NY border. The firemen in this town maintained this campground, along with a wooded area, a park and a ball diamond.
There was a ballgame in progress as we pulled in, and it was followed by another one, under the lights. We set up camp, noticing that we were the only campers on the grounds. But, it was the middle of the week so we thought nothing of it and went about getting our evening meal and cleaning up the dishes. We all showered in the facilities provided and made ready for the night. When the ball game was over, the flood lights were extinguished and the fans departed, leaving us alone in the wooded camp. Boy, was it ever dark!
We hit the beds, and were comfortably asleep...until the middle of the night. Suddenly, my two cousins and I were roused from our slumber by Uncle T. He told us to get dressed and start packing up. And to do it quietly and quickly. No questions, just do it.
In less than ten minutes, we had packed up and were hooked up and on the road. We kids still didn't know what was going on. We moved across the state line and into another camp ground and set up, in the "almost dark" and went back to bed.
The next morning, Uncle T and Auntie K explained that Auntie K had awakened in the night and "thought" she saw someone wandering around the restroom/shower facility at Fireman's Field" and just "knew" that whomever it was, was an axe murderer and would kill us all in our sleep. Uncle T said he didn't see anyone, and just smiled, but kept his mouth shut.
For years afterwards, Auntie K never let us forget that she saved us all from being murdered by a deranged axe murderer.
Uncle T and Auntie K are both gone now, but the story lives on.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Reading Interrupted

I was reading Defending Jacob by William Landay. About a third of the way into this novel, I got the eerie feeling that I just could not go on reading. It was just too raw and "real" to me. It dealt with teenagers in a middle school. As a former Middle School teacher, it was just too "close to home" for me right now. So, I gave myself permission to quit reading it for now. Maybe later I will, but not right now.

Now, don't let what I think keep any of you from reading it. It got rave reviews from several well-known writers. The high acclaim is written all over the back cover. So, if you like legal thrillers, go for it. Just don't let it "get to you" like I did.


Saturday, March 03, 2012

A Blast From the Past! Again!

Last night was a fun night. a bunch of old classmates from elementary and high school met a a nearby watering hole/ restaurant for dinner. I debated all day about going, but finally gave in and attended. My reasons for debating were few, but viable I thought.
First, it is about 20 miles from my house to the other town where the dinner was taking place. (It was in our town where we graduated.) Gas is $4.00 a gallon, so I figured on about $8.00 for a round trip, then added another 10.00 to `15.00 for dinner. Was it really worth it?
Secondly, my high school years were not the highlight years of my life. I suffered from severe acne all the way thru HS and was teased, taunted and bullied because of it. It made me stand out, and be different from all the rest. I couldn't participate in sports because I wasn't supposed to get hot and sweaty. This "shit" covered my body from head to waist, so sometime it would even bleed through my clothes. I became a recluse and shied away from things going on at school. I didn't want to be around those people who were my peers. They were cruel.
Now I realize that they didn't know any better. They had never seen another person with this affliction. But then, it was hurtful. So, did I want to spend a whole evening possibly with some of those hurtful people.
Prof said I should go. In fact, she threatened to kick my butt if I didn't go. "Go and have a good time and just forget what happened 50 years ago, Dad." So I went.
When I got there, I was right on time, but I was the last one to arrive. The first person I saw was a guy who I didn't recognize. I asked who he was when I got to my table, and found out that he was one of my closest friends in Jr. High. In high school, he had gotten his girlfriend "in trouble" and gotten married, but continued to go to school. I hadn't seen him since graduation. Another old friend that was there was a gal whom I hadn't seen since graduation either, but we had connected on Facebook. We had "run around together" in high school and found fun in remembering the mischief we had created both in and out of the classroom.
All in all, it was a super fun evening. I found out that I wasn't the only one to be bald, suffer from arthritis, and had gained weight. We had a great time. The years sort of slipped away for a few hours for all of us. We made plans to do it again in a couple of months. Maybe we can get a few more classmates to join us. We even took time to remember those of our class who have passed on. Unfortunately, the Vietnam War took a bite out of our class! I still think about and honor those who gave up their lives for us!