Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Can't Hardly Wait

It seems like an eternity, but in just 25 days, Professor will be home for good. I am so excited! I have her quarters all cleaned up and the sheets for her bed are in the dryer as we speak. It will be so nice to see her and have her close. I have missed her. It seems like forever since we have seen each other, though it was just in July. Last night we talked for 155 minutes and 3 seconds according to the timer on my phone. We blabbed about everything and anything, and if possible, we just "hung out" on the phone.
We have come to some agreements. Prof is willing to do some of the cooking if I clear and do the dishes. She also agrees to do the laundry if I am willing to clean and dust. Sounds fair to me.
We also agreed that we both need our space, so we will spend time in our own parts of the house and not get pissed off if we just want quiet or alone time. It worked before, most of the time, when Prof lived here before moving to Montana. So we can make it work again.
I am just thrilled that she wants to be here. We will enjoy each other's company, I know.
This has got to be my best Christmas present!