Sunday, August 24, 2008

Not a Good Week

Some weeks go well. Some not so well. This was not a good one.

It seemed like every student that came into my room had some super-huge problem and they thought I was the only one in the nation that could solve it. They whined, nagged and generally caused me to border on a migraine. Every teacher that came into the room had some sort of piddly-ass gripe or questions that, just because I am a verteran in the building, or just look old enough to be their grandfathers, they dumped the whole load.

Not only all of this, but it's been months since I have had a decent paycheck, and I am low on almost everything in my cupboards. I have tried to exist on Raisin Bran, Cheerios, and peanut butter until I start drawing a check again from the school system. On this limited diet I thought, well, the pounds should be falling off that I gained while in Montana eating like a fiend. No go, in fact I stepped on the scales and had gained 6. Shit!

On Wednesday I recieved a bill from a dr. that I saw in February. He is on our PPO system thru my school insurance, but for some reason, they are not paying. It was a large bill, and there is no way I have the up front cash to pay it right now. So, I get on the phone to the ins. co. and try to find out what is happening. I get passed from one department to another, and the final straw was that by the time they transfered me the last time, that person had gone home, and I was late to work at my second job. The same day, I got my light bill. Everyone was wanting a piece of me! Later that evening, I had quartet practice. My quartet consists of 3 very close friends. I spilled my guts to them. I think I even said that maybe it would be easier if I just jumped off the Carroll Street Bridge. I was at a very bad place that evening.

Later that night, the phone rang. It was my friend da Hube. He was at practice earlier. He got to thinking about my plight with the Ins. Co. He is an insurance agent himself. He could sympathize. He offered to help me. So, after school on Thursday, I took all the paperwork, phone numbers, and attitude to his office. I showed him, explained who and what I had attempted, and then he took over. He called the billing co. who routed him to the insurance co. who told him that the billing co had the wrong codes on their billing, and that they were sending it to the wrong address, which was plainly stated on the back of my ins. card, which the hospital copied when I was there in Feb. In one hour, Hube had everything straightened out, the bill willl be sent to the proper offices, and payment should follow. What a good friend, and what a relief.

Friday night I was supposed to have a date. I asked this lady out, but when I did it, it just didn't feel right. She's nice, very fun, but, it just didn't seemright. Not a good thing. So, I called her and made an excuse that I couldn't go. She was not happy, but "oh well." I just am not ready. I thought I was, but I'm not. So I stayed home Friday night and watched TV and listened to music.

Saturday was a bummer of a day. It was hot. Very humid and hot. I, who am tight with the buck, have decided to not run my AC. I got up after a restless night, went out to Burger King and got breakfast, and went back home. I vegged in front of the fan/stereo all day. I missed Tilly in the worst way and found myself crying at sentimental songs and thoughts. I still think of her like she will be coming home. It's been 11 months today, and I still think she should be sitting in the living room when I come home at the end of the day. I found myself sifting thru her jewelry box and even went in and sprayed some of her perfume in the air of my bathroom. I moped around all day and honestly was more tired than if I had worked all day. Could I add any more gloom to my life? Before I went to bed, I caved in and closed up the house and started the AC. I got a good night's sleep.

Today, I got up determined to have a better day. I went to church, my quartet sang the special music. And the children told of their camp experiences. These were the young children who have experienced camp for the first time. It was a hoot to listen to them. One of them said that one thing he learned was that God is everywhere. In my week of trouble, and feeling sorry for myself, I seemed to have forgotten that. It took a child of 10 to remind me. I think this week will be better!

Peace and Hope,

Sunday, August 17, 2008


For those of you who read "The Writers Block," I have my latest attempt at writing now posted. I don't know what Prof's holdup is; could it be that she is busy making lesson plans since her school starts tomorrow? Anyhow, take a gander at my "travel brochure" about Eastern Montana.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shoppin' the The City

Friday, I picked up my good friend Curley and we struck out for the city for a day of craft shopping. Curley, as many know is my crafting cohort. Her husband hates anything to do with shopping, but doesn't care if she goes shopping with me. Saves him from having to go and gives him more time to fish and play golf.
We took off about 10 am, and hit Hobby Lobby where I think we were up and down every aisle at least twice. I bought cardmaking stuff, Curley, who teaches a "senior citizen" crafting class, bought gobs of supplies for that. I don't think she bought a thing for herself.
Next,we hit JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts. I bought some stuff for a project that is fodder for a later post, and Curley bought stickers and other stuff too numerous to mention.
Of course, we hit a Taco Bell for lunch. Taco salads! We also swung by the Cookie Cottage. I think I gained 5 pounds just walking in their door. Good oatmeal-raisin cookies, though.
We arrived back home about 4:30, unloaded the car at Curley's, then I came on home. The best part of the whole day was that I laughed! I haven't done too much of that recently, and it did me good. It was fun. I spent too much money, but hey, I can't take it with me, right?
Hope and Peace

The "Dreaded" Class Reunion

Last night I attended my 45th class reunion. Sounded like fun when I received the invite. I thought the cost was a little extravagant, but I sent in my check after much encouragement from an old classmate that I see often. All day yesterday I dreaded going, decided not to go, but in the end, I donned my "party" shirt and went anyway. Now, don't get me wrong, I did enjoy seeing a few people. My old friend Phyl was there. We spend our school years just down the road from each other and have remained friends forever. Other than she and Herk, Toad and CR, I really didn't care if I saw anyone else.
I sat a a table with other guys who came alone for one reason or another. Most of them ignored me during high school and I had nothing in common with any of them to talk about. After inquiring about their careers and grandkids, there was nothing left. The classmates that I was closest to seperated themselves at a table and shut me out. Okay, I know I am a mature adult and should get past this, but this is my space to let off steam, so I will. I also noticed that the cliques that were always there in high school were still there. My class was the first graduating class of a consolidation of two schools. We were only together as a whole for one year. There were two classmates there that I didn't even remember, and one was not even in our yearbook. (I checked when I got home.)
The program was okay. It was given by the same classmate who did the program five years ago. We played "homeroom feud" and my homeroom lost. Questions about the sixties: where was I then? Social studies was one of my good subjects, too. I knew the answers to the music and movie questions, but the history ones got me. Then came time for the memorial to the classmates who have passed on in the last 45 years. Lots of them. The saddest thing was that one of my old "flames" had passed away and I never knew it. I felt bad. Sorry for her son and his family, wherever they are.
As soon as it was cordially possible, I escaped. I DID NOT have a good time. I am glad I got to see Phyl. We talk often on e-mail, but not person to person. It was good to see her. So I guess in the long run, it was worth it to go. But will I attend another one, #50, in 2013. I think not!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Post Vacation Wrap-up!

Okay, Okay! I know I have been home 3 days and haven't done a trip wrap up yet. So here goes. I had a wonderful flight home. It was clear and sunny all the way which was good since I tended to be a "white knuckle" flier, or sometimes when there was turbulence or shaking, but otherwise I was fine. Lil Bro and Sistah met the plane and carted me safely home. I was glad to get into my own bed. AHHH! Still sorta jetlagged and tired, but back to work.
Prof was just busting my chops about doing this blog and wants details. I loved Montana. To say there was a downside to this trip, I would have to say that the only one was just saying "goodbye" at the airport. That was hard. I didn't let the tears show, but they were there right behind the eyeballs! I hate goodbyes, anyhow! The upside of the trip was the whole damn thing. It's an amazing place. Wide open, remote, and beautiful. I couldn't imagine the vastness until I got there and I definately know why it is called "big sky" country. A highlight was the Missouri Breaks. Hauntingly beautiful is the only way to describe them. Of course meeting all her friends there was great and Wilber won my heart. She is now my second daughter. Everyone treated me fine, just like family. I ate too much, drank WAY too much, and had a grand old time. The whole bunch, plus some others threw me a goodbye party at the H Bar on Monday night. It was great. I got to see a fabulous production of "Jesus Christ, Superstar" which was a real treat too. So, as you can see, there was no serious downer to the whole trip. I loved the dryness; absolutely no sinus problems while I was there.
Now, to be perfectly honest, the area of TMoN Montana is just too remote for me to live all the time. I am too used to being 5 minutes from groceries, Walmart, and restaurants. And, I just don't think I could stand the cold of winter there anymore. -43 without windchill is just to damn cold for these old bones. So, the saying "it's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there" is meant for me. I love the people, and the area, and if I could move them all here, I would. If Prof stays another year, I will surely go back again. There's something that beckons to me.
Peace and Hope