Sunday, November 30, 2014

Another Year Passes

Can it really be time to deck the halls already.  It seems like I just did that!  But, alas, the time is here again.  So, I began by decking my blog out for the Christmas season.
I haven't purchased one gift, nor do I even know where to start.  My daughter sent a list, so that's a beginning, but money is tight, as always, so I will again restrict my buying to things they want the most.  Or need the most.
As for me, other than some new tee shirts, socks and underwear, my needs are few and my want list is short.  As for decorating, I got a start, but have a long way to go.  My card making is done though, and ready for a trip to the post office.  (Did you know you can print stamps off on your printer via the USPS?)  But, I like to go in and say "Merry Christmas" to the postal employees, stand in line at the window and visit with friends and strangers that I haven't seen since last Christmas.
The town is bedecked, and the Nativity once again graces the court house lawn.  I am so proud of our community for being just a bit politically incorrect with this one.  After all, it is the reason for the season!


Monday, November 03, 2014

Halloween Scrooge

The wind blew and the snow flew, along with sleet and some hail thrown in.  This was last Friday evening, Halloween night to be specific.  Thus I had no little gremlins or Elsas knocking on my door.
But if they had, they would have been sorely disappointed, for I do not treat them anymore.
Trick or treating has become a racket in my city.  People in outlying areas load their precious ghosts and goblins into vans and transport them into town and dump them out to go door to door for the goodies.  I used to treat everyone who came to my door.  Usually it was just kids from the neighborhood, but then I began getting them in droves, and they were not kids I had ever seen before.  Once I ran out of candy, I shut off my light, which is the signal in our city to not knock anymore, but they persisted, and even "soaped" my front door windows.  That was it.  So now, on Halloween, I either go away, or just turn off all inside and outside lights, and watch TV in my bedroom until the cut off time.
Another reason is that candy and treats, at least what is acceptable by parents has gotten very spendy.  No more can we issue popcorn balls, and homemade candy.  It has to be individually wrapped and must pass an xray at our local emergency room.  This aspect is not the kid's fault, and I honor the parents who watch out for their kids, but it has certainly gotten out of hand.
So, no treating.  I fixed treats up for my grandkids, but the weather was so bad that they didn't go out.  So I will deliver them to their house one day this week.