Saturday, August 23, 2014

Untitled...Just Because I Can't Think Of A Good One

Yes, I am still among the living.  I have been diligently working on my kitchen redo, but a pinched sciatic nerve to my right leg, a twisted knee and arthritis are all working against me.  I work when I feel like it, and am getting it done in baby steps.  I finally have almost of the painting done, thanks to my son.  He came and did the finish up on the ladder for me.  I just didn't trust myself on a ladder right now.  Yesterday, I installed the chair rail,.It's not really chair rail. it's too high for that, but I got all that molding installed and painted.  Today, I did a sponge paint effect on one wall trying to match some pieces of red granite dinnerware that I have collected.  Next, there will be wallpaper and border to hang.  Then curtains to make and hang.  So, hopefully I can have it done in time for Christmas Dinner!  LOL!  Maybe by this time next month.  I am tired of the mess, of the disarray of stuff piled all over my house, my studio is upstairs, so I haven't been inclined to climb steps in the evening to do much design work, so have spent much time in the evenings reading and listening to Pandora Radio.  TV right now is such rubbish, so it stays off most of the time, save watching Jeopardy!, but even that is in reruns.  Surely it's getting time for the new season premiere soon.  
Some days getting around is rather painful, so I have been staying home, but do try to limp out to the coffee shop a few times a week and meet up with the caffeine crowd.
Things are starting to heal, warm, ice,warm, ice.  Arthritis strength Tylenol!  Better living through chemistry!
It's been hot the last few days, and very humid, here in mid Indiana, but we have gotten some much needed rain. I was out after a major downpour yesterday and marveled at how green everything had gotten overnight.  Those brown spots in my yard are greening back up already.
So, that's an update on the missing JE lately.  I will try to be more efficient in writing.  Try being the operative word.  My life is rather boring, so I really don't have much to say right now.  Maybe I will win the lotto and go on fabulous trips so I can blog about them.  Yeah, right!  Got to buy chances first!