Saturday, June 06, 2009

Deep in the heart of Texas

Hello all,
I am on vacation in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. I flew down on Tuesday last, and am staying with my brother and his lovely wife. It is absolutely beautiful here. It's hot! But, the humidity is about nil so it's manageable. Of course everything is air conditioned, so what's to worry. We have lazed about since we have been here. Done a little shopping for necessities, but otherwise, I have read, napped, and just generally relaxed. That's what vacation is all about. We are going into Ft. Worth to the zoo and a couple museums later on. Next week we are spend a few days in Austin, the capitol. That should be fun. Bro and wife are excellent hosts and make me feel so welcome. We had dinner last evening with some of their friends, then played dominos! I had to learn to play, but found it fun. They play for "blood." It was a hoot just to listen to them.
So, if I don't write too often, this is why. I am taking life easy and enjoying every minute of it.