Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Robbie, Chelsea, and Sue

One of the patrons of my transit route, Sue, is an unmarried woman, middle aged, works hard and no doubt, has lived hard. But anyway, she has these two Rotweilers. Robbie is 10, and Chelsea is only a year. Sunday last, Robbie went missing. Sue hunted her farm over, drove the country roads and the state highway looking and yelling for Robbie. To no avail. Needless to say that on Monday night when I picked her up to take her home, she was beside herself. She tearfully told me that Robbie was the only living thing in this world that loved her unconditionally. She had finally decided that Robbie had been stolen.
After I dropped her off, I offered a prayer for Sue, and Robbie, too. I just wanted God to watch over Robbie, and be with Sue, for she was grieving.
Tonight, when I picked Sue up, I made up my mind that I wouldn't mention Robbie, but as soon as she got on the bus, she said, "I found Robbie." It seems that Sue had baled hay delivered for her horses. The bales were stacked 6 high and several bales thick in her barn. The dogs liked to play on them and they would run and jump on the top of the stack and cavort around while Sue tended her horses. Well, last night when Sue went to the barn, Chelsea went wild around the hay bales and was barking and whining. Sue went to see what was upsetting her, and when she looked in a small space betweenthe bales where Chelsea had her nose stuck, there was Robbie. He had fallen down a hole in the bale stack. Sue said he had a space about 20 inches wide and 30 inches long where either the bales had not been stacked together, or they had shifted. The hole was about 6 feet deep, so Robbie couldn't jump out. He was trapped. Sue is a tiny thing, probably 90 pounds dripping wet, but she said she moved a "hell of a lot" of hay. Robbie was fine. He was hungry and thirsty, but fine.
Doesn't God move in mysterious ways?

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Well, we finally have had a skiff of snow. It is beautiful. Last night on my usual transit route, I couldn't help marveling at the beautiful vistas I encountered driving in the country. We had about 1/2 inch of snow, which is just enough to cover up the dirt and stuff. I was heading south out of town and the sun was beginning to set. The sun's rays formed that crystal effect on the snow that looks like millions of diamonds on a soft blue and white velvet background. I was in awe. I forget from year to year, just how beautiful the snow can be.
We have had a very mild winter here in Area 52, with warmer than normal temps, and lots of rain. I haven't missed the bitter cold, but I am tired as hell of rain, damp and mud. So for a while I would welcome some cold, pristine weather, which helps clear up the everpresent sinus malady.
As for school, we ended the semester, and have started another one. The kids are restless, but overall aren't too bad. I think they crave some decent weather, too. We are beginning a new unit in English. We are studying linking verbs, predicate nominatives, predicate adjectives, action verbs, indirect objects, and direct objects. This is stuff that I try to convince the kids that will make them better writers and speakers. It is also in our state educational standards that we have to teach this stuff. I don't think the kids are convinced, but are trying. Time will tell if we are getting there or not, but it sure beats trying to ply them with another outdated novel. (We could sure use some new novels for class, but funding prohibits that. However, the school system spent 185 thousand on a patented "reading" program that is supposed to be so great. I personally think is was a waste of good tax dollars, as it has no strengths for the above average readers. Enough said about that.
Wife Tilly is having trouble getting around today because of the effects of the damp weather on her poor arthritic knees. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Her mom had to go into a nursing home facility this week. That was a sad moment for all of us, but better for her. She is recovering from still another heart "episode" where the emergency room personnel again had to restart her heart. Hopefully being in a skilled care facility, she will regain her strength and be able to once again return home. It will give my 79 year old father-in-law a chance to rest.
We are joyful to know that Professor is back safe and sound in MOFN, MT, and not minding it too badly. She feels more at ease, she says, and of course the fact that she has met "Cowboy" is certainly a plus. Having someone to share your feelings, fun and etc with is always good.
Little Bro has begun his new job as a guard in a prison about 25 miles from here. I wonder why, but maybe he is being led there by a higher power. He seems to like it and is doing well in the training phase.
I continue to sing. I love making music and praising the Lord, but mostly , I love singing with the people I make music with. They are a great group and singing with those 3 guys fills my heart and soul with something that is really not describable in words. It is just a joy.
This hodgepodge of rambling just got too long. It also served not only to update my 1 or 2 readers, but also gave me time to just put some feelings and stuff into words.
-"thought for the day...In making decisions which involved using your head or your heart, go with your heart. You will be happier in the long run, and you will meet a lot more interesting people along the way."