Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Happy Birthday, Honey!

For 39 years now I have been helping celebrate your special day. Each year it gets harder to buy gifts, sometimes because the coffers are barer than others, and sometimes just because a the perfect gift just doesn't come to mind. This year you hinted that even though we weren't celebrating your birthday, you wanted something "green" and alive. Now, I know we have bare spots in the back yard, but a bag of grass seed didn't seem too good a gift, so I opted for African Violets. These bring back a lot of memories, don't they. Remember the little, old Violet lady that raised beautiful plants for sale? How many trips did we make to her house to buy plants down through the years?
Remember when our grandson was little and he just didn't like the violets? No matter how hard we tried to convince him that they were pretty flowers, he would wait until our backs were turned, and then would tip them over, on purpose. I still wonder what there was about them that he didn't like.
Remember when my mom was with us still and alway took us out for dinner on our birthdays? It was always a big deal. Maybe that is why we still go out to eat on birthdays.
Remember the little gifts that the kids made for you? Hand prints, plaques, etc? I think we still have them all in a box in storage, only because we don't have space to display them all.
So, on this birthday, remember all the fun, and memories that we have had down through the years. It is those memories in the making that will sustain us as we grow even older.
Happy day! Remember that I love you!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Mind flashes!

1. I need: More free time, less stress
2. Sex: What's that?
3. Relationships: if they are good, they are a must. Bad ones..get out fast!
4. Your Last Ex: Never had an ex, unless you count old girlfriend: ugly and her mother dressed her funny!
5. Power: Micromanagers give me a pain in the keester.
6. Marijuana: should be banished from the earth
7. Crack:glass ruined
8. Food: Diet
9. This president: Haven't has a real one since J.F.K.
10. War: will always be a threat
11. Cars: Vette
12. Gas Prices: A few getting rich off the masses...pisses me off!
13. Halloween: worst holiday of the year
14. Bon Jovi: Rather listen to grass grow!
15. Religion: The basis of who I am.
16. MySpace: Cool
17. Worst Fear: Losing my family
18. Marriage: Happen to be in a good one. Ain't I lucky!!!
19. Fashion: I like what I like, fashion be damned!
20. Brunettes: Liz Taylor, once upon a time!
21. Redheads: Maureen O'Hara...what a bombshell! They don't have actresses like her anymore!
22: Work: Sustains the purse, robs the body and soul
23: Pass the time: Get out there and enjoy life!
24: Football: Stupid, stupid, stupid!
25: One night Stands: Never been there, but close!
26: Pet Peeve: Supressed anger
27: Pixie Stix: I could buy 2 for a penny as a kid
28: Vanilla Ice: What?
29: Porta Potties: Necessary, but have very thin walls.
30: High school: A good start on life, but can be hell on the underdogs.
31: Pajamas: Never heard of 'em!
32. Wood: add an "s" and it's a good place to walk and hunt mushrooms
33. Surfers: Sidewalk junkies with extra-bad hair
34. Pictures: good to look at, just don't put me in them
35. First Love: I still remember her after 49 years, good person, had a neat bike!

I "borrowed" this from Babble From Babbler, who stole it from another innocent blogger!
But it was just for fun...enjoy!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Another Day in Paradise

It's finally spring! The jonquils are already done blooming and the lilacs are about to burst into their beauty. But, damn! the grass is growing. I hate mowing the grass. I love digging in the dirt, planting, and weeding the flowerbeds. But, I think I will hire a high school kid to do the mowing. In fact, I think I found someone today who is willing to do that nasty job once he gets the cast off of his arm!
Another thing I love about spring is going out for ice cream. Our local ice cream parlor, (and I mean local, as it is only 2 blocks away from our house.) has added several new flavors. The other night when we stopped, I told the owner that I thought I would start at the west end of the freezer case and work my way East!
With this humongous intake of ice cream, I should put walking on my list of things to do since the weather is getting nice. We have two lovely walking trails in our town, but finding the time to walk is nearly impossible! After all, I am busy weeding and eating ice cream.
I love hearing the birds sing. I love the warm breezes and being able to open the windows and air out the house. I love riding with the windows down in the car. When it gets a little warmer, we will put the top down on our old convertible and tool around town. I like to play the radio loud on some oldies station and have people smile and wave.
I love going for drives in the evening, and finally our state has adopted Daylight Savings Time, so we have plenty of driving time when I get home from work. Damn those high gas prices, though.
I love sitting on the screened in porch and watching the world go by. If only the teenager next door would turn his stereo down. I pray for his parents daily!
It is now time to go out and check out the flower beds, plan what plants to buy, lay in a supply of mulch and fertilizer. I wonder if the garden center has something that will keep the grass from growing so darn fast!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Driving The Bus For My Friends
(The people are real; their names are not!)

Our county has a public transit system. I drive a bus for the system part-time to help bolster the family coffers. Driving has been an interesting "ride." Some of my riders are daily routine riders; some just ride periodically. Then there's the "newbies" that ride for the first time.
All are an interesting mix of ages, genders, and philosophies.
Let me introduce you to them.
Toby is a regular. He is middle aged, mentally challenged, and a very hard worker. He has been a "merchandise handler" in a local grocery store for several years. He probably has the mental age of a 12 year old, but is able to function as a productive adult in today's world with assistance. He lives alone in his own apartment, is clean and tidy and funny. We laugh and joke with each other, and he worries about me if I don't show up right on time. He talks to himself, mumbles, and I can always tell if there is something wrong. He is caring and sharing.
CeCe is a regular rider, too. She is middle aged, gray-haired, and has a good sense of humor. She lives with and is caregiver for an older handicapped sister. She washes dishes at a local restaurant, shovels snow in the winter and mows lawns in the spring and summer. She also cares for an elderly lady that lives close to her. She loves to gamble. Four afternoons a week, I deliver her to where ever the hottest games of Bingo are being played, and on night five, she bowls. She loves going to Vegas! She recently saw her dog get run over by a car. She was heartbroken. She shared that experience with me, and before we knew it we were both in tears and sharing "lost dog" stories.
Another regular rider is Tia. Tia is one of the happiest people I know. She has Downs-syndrome, but does that hold her back? No! She works in the laundry department of a local children's home. A job she does with much pride. She has a younger sister who plays basketball at her local high school. Tia is her biggest fan. She told me the other day that they are moving this summer. She will be missed.
Bob is an elderly gentleman who rides with me daily. He retired 15 years ago, but when his wife died, he hated staying home all day, so he got a job working with his daughter in her pet-grooming business. He is 81 now, is almost blind, but his spirit is an inspiration to me daily. He always has a dog story to tell, and his Christian light is always shining. He still loves life and all that is in it. That is apparant every time I talk to him.
Jen is a student at our local community college. She has shared her ups and downs with her boyfriend with me. She has asked my advice. I think it is wise for her to seek her own way, so I keep my remarks to a minimum. But I do act as a good listener.
Mary is a single mom with three teenagers. I haul her too and from the grocery and let her exceed the "4-bag-limit" on my bus. She cannot possibly haul groceries for four people in 4 bags! She is struggling with raising the kids alone, working full time, and going to college, too. What an admirable person she is. I know her children, too. They are good kids, with lots of respect for their mom.
Of course, not all of my riders are Mr. or Mrs. Pleasant. No, some are crabby and try to tell me how to drive. Constance doesn't like to have anyone else on the bus when she rides. Berneice doesn't bathe often enough, so I get out the air freshener when she exits the bus. Ann thinks we should "drop everything" whenever she calls to schedule a ride, but seems grateful when we do go to haul her to the store or post office.
One lady, an invalid, calls the transit office and visits, just because the dispatcher is nice to her and she has no one else to talk to. When she rides with me, she is so cheerful, you would never know that she is confined to a wheelchair full time.
I could go on and on. Someday, when I am old and gray, I am going to write a book by the same title as this blog. But for now, let me just say that these people have taught me what caring is all about. These people are my friends. My good friends!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

At the Cross!

Today I had a good friend that explained Christ's crucifiction to me in the most amazing way. I have always thought of the cross as a nasty, hurtful object that took the life of my Savior. After my friend Van explained her theory to me, I see the cross in an entirely different light.
Van says that the cross was not the bad thing. Man's inhumanity to man was the bad thing. Really the cross was Jesus' last touch with our world. It was blessed to be the bearer of our Savior as He gave His life for us. We should pay tribute to the cross for that reason.
I have never thought of the cross in that way. Thanks, Van, for sharing this with me. And thank you Jesus for making the supreme sacrafice so that I might have life everlasting.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Another B-day, Sweety?

Another year has rolled around and my sweety is having another birthday. She told me (and the rest of the family) that we were to NOT celebrate it this year. Does she think that if we don't recognize it, it will not happen. NOT!
Honey, I am three years older than you, and believe me, the years roll on even if we ignore birthdays.
So, on your "not-my-birthday day" remember that you are loved. You are loved by so many for so many different reasons. But being the best wife a guy could ever have, is the reason I love you. For almost 37 years, you have enchanted my live with your love, wit and thoughtfulness. Our life together has been a roller-coaster of ups and downs, but you are the thread that has held us together.
Now, that we are growing older, that love still exists. Sometimes on a different plane than it used to, but it is a comfortable type of love. I sincerely believe that as we age, we grow to be more of the same person.
So, my dearest, even though we grow another year older, and have gotten heavier, grayer, and slower, those birthdays are still important. They are a mark of who we are and how far we have come together.
You are my best friend. I LOVE YOU!