Saturday, August 25, 2007

9 Down: 171 to Go

Yep, the first 9 days of school are over. The schedule is still screwed up, but the powers that be tell us that by Tuesday next, we should have a schedule that is, at least, workable. We have so many special needs kids, and large classes, that there aren't enough aides to go around to every class that needs one. They assured the us that they won't be hiring another aide, due to budget, so right now we are working in the "pissing on forest fires" mode. We added 28 new students in our three grades, most of which have special needs, so that has caused part of the problem, and administration decided to institute a new reading program this year which encompasses two period blocks, which, in turn, ties up two of the four aides for two hours at a time. One of these reading blocks has 33 students and 17 of them are learning disabled. The two of us who are left are busy as beavers from start of school until the final bell rings. I wonder how effective any of us are being if we are so torn.
I have a real aversion to these kids who are wearing the baggy jeans well below the equator! No one wants to look at a guy's boxers. What is so damn cool about that, anyhow? Yesterday, my coworker told one of the boys to pull up his jeans or else she "would pull them up for him and I don't think you would like it." He gave her a "duh" look, yanked them up, and immediately shoved them back down before he sat down. Then there's the gal in my math class who bent over in front of me to get her purse and binder off the floor and exposed about 4 inches of thong!
On someone like Christy Brinkley, I wouldn't mind, but on a 14 year old 8th grader, it was just too gross and I think I actually blushed. The math teacher, who is female, told her she would have to be more careful cause no one in class should have to look at her thong! Then there's the cleavage problem. What can I say about that? Probably the least said, the better. We do have a dress code, and the assistant principal has assured us that he will enforce it. We are not to argue with students, just sent them to the office. Parents will be called. I remain hopeful, but also doubtful! We have better things to do than police butt cracks and boobs!
Four days into our school year, our principal resigned. It is a good move for her. She received her PhD. this summer and has moved up to being a superintendant of a very large school system. Her replacement has been in our system as an assistant principal for a few years. I have heard many good things about him. He impressed me yesterday just by stopping by my room and chatting for a while. He said more to me in that few minutes than the other one had in the past two years.
As you can see, school is proceding normally! Maybe it's just me being older, and truly overworked that makes some of these moleholes seem like mountains right now. I know as the days count down, it will be better. OMG! I just remembered, we begin our County Assessment Testing on Monday! Followed in 2 weeks by State Testing! Zounds! I just thought things might even out! I"d better rest up!



Thursday, August 16, 2007

Whirlwinds are Wonderful!

If any of you read Professor's blog, you know she made a rush trip to Area 52 from middleoff--kingnowhere, Montana this week. It was wonderful to see her beautiful and smiling face once again. If only for a short while.
She pulled in about 8:30 on Tuesday evening. We had a late supper ready and had a leisurely meal and gabbed. Then we stayed up until the wee hours and gabbed some more. We heard all about trail riding, her attempts a calf roping, branding and, of course, teaching. I was the only one who had to go to work on Wednesday morning, but it was worth the lack of sleep to be able to visit with the Prof in person instead of thru "Ma Bell."
Wednesday evening we made a rush trip to "Big City" where Prof's worldly goods are stored and dug thru a plethora of boxes and repacked as many items into small boxes that we thought we could cram into the Blue Malibu POS car. After a quick bite at an Arby's (Kiddo's choice, not mine) we raced back to Area 52 and finished packing the car. Bear in mind that Prof and Kiddo had already loaded it with Kiddo's stuff [clothes, books, TV, computer, monitor, video games, board games, etc]. We managed to cram in 4 egg boxes of stuff, two winter coats, a skirt, 2 mixing bowls, books, a Paris streetscape, and a few other wall items. The POS was riding kinda low, but at about 7:30 AM this morning, Prof pulled out of the driveway and headed back to MT with Kiddo in tow, or rather riding shotgun. [Western lingo for riding in the front seat passenger side..LOL!]
Though this visit was like a whirlwind, it was wonderful. Since we had not seen her since Christmas, it was great having her here and be able to give her a hug...lots of hugs, really. She and Kiddo said they would be here for Christmas and already we are looking forward to it. Tilly actually brought up taking a trip west after school is out next spring and seeing what this state of Montana is all about.
As an aside, school started this week. Though schedules are totally f--ked, and need to be revamped, and a few kids developed some real "attitude" over the summer, and enrollment is up by 28 students in our middle school, and classes are extremely large, school is good.
Besides that, I had an excellent checkup at the Dr. My numbers were good, all tests were great, and Dr. said, "what ever you're doing, keep doing it, 'cause it's working." So life is good!


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It's So Damn Hot

Wow! It's so damn hot here in Area 52. I drove the transit bus for 9 1/2 hours on Monday. It was so hot that the air conditioners would not keep up. Then the engine began overheating. So when I had no clients on the bus, I had to shut off the AC. When I got home, the first thing I did was change underwear. Mine was soaked with sweat. Yesterday and today I have the days off and Tilly and I wanted to go do something for fun. But, it's just too hot to get out. We have AC at home, the AC in our own vehicle doesn't work very well after 14 years and 146,000 miles, and I am too cheap to get it fixed. So we are staying in and doing very little. I am reading an excellent book, Hunter's Moon, by Randy Wayne White. It's a real "page-turner" so I am content. I also have time to "craft." Staying in isn't so bad. I think Tilly is getting a little distressed with "cabin fever," and she isn't able to get out as readily as I, so maybe this evening, when the sun goes down, we will venture out to the local ice cream shop. A double dipped, chocolate mint chip waffle cone may be just what I need for heat relief.
School starts Monday. I can hardly wait. I miss being there, miss the kids and my coworkers. I love the job and each year is a whole new adventure in learning for the students. I love the look on their faces the first day. The seventh graders arriving on the second floor for the first time are wide-eyed and filled with awe. That is quickly replaced with looks of relief when they see familiar faces and are made to feel at ease by the faculty.
A few more weeks of driving transit, and I am going to resign. I need more time at home, and I feel that we can muddle through with me working just one job for a while. I am looking forward to that. It has been 7 years since I have only worked one job. Maybe I am feeling a little tired and entitled. We will just have to see how that all plays out.
Until it cools off, the grass can just keep growing, and so can the weeds. They will all be there when it the weather improves. Everyone stay cool, be careful.