Thursday, July 25, 2013


It's around this time every summer that the hot weather, humidity, and other summer stuff brings on the doldrums.  I'm tired of the heat, tired of being cooped up in the AC, but can't stand the heat like I used to be able to.  My company has gone home, and the house is clean.  The laundry is about done, and there is absolutely nothing good on the telly.  I have about crocheted my fingers to the bone, and have just finished book # 42 and began #43. 
Last night I sang with my buddies for about 2 hours getting ready for a gig in August.  We haven't sung together at all since last November.  Everyone else is much younger than I and still working, so our schedules are different.  This was a treat.  It was a good time out for me, and singing with these guys is always enjoyable.  Our baritone, Alan, told us that he talked to a lady that took our quartet's name and might be giving us a call to perform in the fall.  That would mean a road trip of about an hour, and of course that means a meal out!!  The gig we have next month is at a fund raiser for a local cause.  It will be an old fashioned ice cream social, which means performing outdoors.  We hope for no rain! Which is pretty safe hoping in August in Indiana.
My mower guys were here this morning and spiffied up my lawn.  Looks great.  I found out that in the winter, these guys plow snow, so now I am going to get on their list that whenever we have 3" or more of snow, they will plow me out.  Yay Me!  I won't throw my snow shovels away, but at least I know that the big stuff will be taken care of, so I can still do the porch steps and short walks. 
I am dog sitting for Giles the Wonder Dog while daughter Prof vacations in Florida.  We have had a good time running around the back yard, and snoozing.  I took him to our walking park in town this morning.  We jogged a while and walked a while, but had to stop and greet everyone we met on the path.  Everyone asked questions (since he's kind of a rare sight) and wanted to pet him and make over him.  He loved it!  One 1/8th mile lap was enough to tire him out, and now he's asleep on his pallet upstairs.  I could have gone another few rounds, but he did the first one just fine, so we'll leave it at that.
Speaking of naps, I can hear my recliner calling.  Might just catch a few winks until the dryer buzzer goes off.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cleaning Up!

My house is never really "dirty."  But it does get dusty, and cluttered somewhat part of the time.  Since I am having company this week, (tomorrow in fact) for several days, Prof and I have been cleaning.  Or should I say, Prof has been cleaning and I have been helping.  She has cleaned the kitchen, wiped down the cabinets, deep cleaned the counter tops, scrubbed her bathroom and laundry room and generally swept and cleaned the living room.  I was responsible for dusting.  She hates to dust.  I also cleaned my room and bath.  I  let my brother and sis in law use my room and I sleep upstairs on the spare bed in the attic.  That way, they have a room with a door, and their own bathroom, although we share that most of the time.  At least for showers.  So, as of right now, the place sparkles, thanks in most part to Prof.  I really appreciate all her enthusiasm and help.  I was busy trying to help my son and family with their move yesterday, so I just sort of let her do her thing.  Thank goodness!  She is much more adept at this cleaning than I am.  And a lot faster and fastidious, too.

The other half of the family finally got moved, and late yesterday afternoon, they turned the keys over to the new owner.  Now that they are all in one spot, the unpacking and putting away can commence.  Boy!  They have a lot of stuff.  My daughter-in-law said that she is going to go through every box and decide what is worth keeping, what has been used recently, and what to give to Salvation Army or Goodwill.  I operate on the theory that if I haven't worn it or used it in the last 2 years, I get rid of it.  Not counting some old favorites, like my Navy Pea Jacket that is over 40 years old, and doesn't even fit any more, but it was given to me by an old friend who served in the Navy, (in Cuba, and never wore it) so I hang onto it.  I have a couple of favorite sweaters that I keep, even if I don't wear them often.  Otherwise, the theory goes into effect.  I got rid of all the clothes that I wore to teach in last year, after I decided that I wasn't going back.  It's a once a year cleansing of the closet and the cupboards.  Works for me.  What do all of you do with your "stuff?"


Friday, July 12, 2013

Moving Right Along!

After having their house on the market for what must seem like "forever" to them,  my son and his wife finally sold their small, 3 bedroom ranch on a corner lot.  The purchased a BIG, older home in midtown.  It's a beauty!  It has two living rooms, a dining room, a huge kitchen another room that I think was meant to be a parlor, and 4 large bedrooms upstairs.  Complete with a large back yard, fenced, and a garage.  It sits next to a house that burned beyond repair recently, and will be torn down in the near future.  The kids have the first chance at buying the lot, which will make them on another nice corner lot.  If they fence it, the little ones will have even more room to play. 
Moving for them has been a trying experience.  They have gobs of friends, all or most who said they would help with the move.  They hired a moving company to move the house stuff and the garage was theirs to move.  Well, first of all, most of the friends they counted on to help fizzled out on them.  Secondly, the movers either misunderstood or just were being "butts" and refused to move the boxes; they moved only the heavy furniture.  So, with the help of a few able bodies from our church, and the two of them,  they have been using a U-Haul truck to move the rest.  Imagine if you,will, two packrats, and 3 children who have almost every toy from Toys-r-Us, living in this tiny house.  It was bursting at the seams.  I don't know how many boxes of books alone the two adults have accumulated, but a gob lot, the way it looks.  Plus, they both love to cook so they own a lot of cooking gadgets and kitchen stuff!  Need I continue.
The two older children have been staying with the grandparents on the other side of town for the last few days.  The baby has to stay close to Mommy because of frequent feeding times, but I did keep him for several hours yesterday afternoon and evening, with Mommy stopping and feeding and hauling him back and forth.
Tonight they hope to be done. I certainly hope they reach their goal.  I feel guilty because I have not been able to help them because of my back and shoulder problems.  I cannot lift and tug anymore.  So keeping the baby was the best I could do and they seemed relieved that I took that on myself, at least for a few hours.
When they are all there, whether unpacked or not, it will be a relief to them.  My son told me that he NEVER intends to move again, and he just turned 38 last week.  We'll see how that goes for him!  LOL!  When I was his age, my wife and I had moved 3 times, and when I was 47, we moved where I live now.  I told the kids that this is where I stay until my good friend, the local undertaker, takes me out one last time toes up!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's Strange:

  • That grass doesn't grow as fast as the weeds.
  • How it can be raining in one part of town but not in the other
  • That a tree or plant that loves the shade, but still leans towards the sunlight
  • That people who claim to be your friends, suddenly stop communicating with you
  • How a blog can have 68 followers, but only get such a few comments
  • How each day I seem to grow older on the outside, but remain a teenager in my mind
  • How music can bring a lump to you throat
  • How evasive sleep can be some nights
  • How good the sunshine can feel, even on a hot sultry day
  • How easily it is to be taken advantage of the older we get
  • How easily feelings get hurt by just the little things said, or slights felt 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Whew! Finally!

Finally!  I have gotten caught up on all the episodes of "Downton Abby."  I have been trying ever since season 3 came out on DVD to see it, and I didn't particularly want to own it, so I was counting on getting it from my public library.  Just so happens, when I was in there last weekend, there was season 3 on the shelf.  I had a marathon watching and now am caught up. 
My daughter is making fun of me.  "Dad is watching a British soap opera, " she chanted last evening.  She's right!  I am hooked, just like millions of other Americans and Brits. 
I knew what was going to happen in the end, so I wasn't surprised, but I was saddened.  I liked Michael.  His mother, Isabel, is probably my favorite character on the show, along with Bates and Anna.  Gee, listen to me.  I even talk like a soap opera affectionado.  Sort of like my wife was with "Another World."  And my Grandmama was with "Search for Tomorrow."  Maybe it runs in the family, who knows? I just know that I am all set when season 4 begins in January 2014.  Yay me!


Do I need a "life" or what!!!