Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's Strange:

  • That grass doesn't grow as fast as the weeds.
  • How it can be raining in one part of town but not in the other
  • That a tree or plant that loves the shade, but still leans towards the sunlight
  • That people who claim to be your friends, suddenly stop communicating with you
  • How a blog can have 68 followers, but only get such a few comments
  • How each day I seem to grow older on the outside, but remain a teenager in my mind
  • How music can bring a lump to you throat
  • How evasive sleep can be some nights
  • How good the sunshine can feel, even on a hot sultry day
  • How easily it is to be taken advantage of the older we get
  • How easily feelings get hurt by just the little things said, or slights felt 


Marcia said...

Sometimes the unkind people are the very ones who are supposed to stick by you. Then I have to say hey! You're supposed to be on my side!
Oh yeah, don't answer those anonymous phone calls with the funny numbers. And keep pullin' those weeds. Sooner or later they'll give up, and then we can walk barefoot in the grass that's left behind. It hasn't changed.
I enjoy your blog.

Curley said...

Wow! That is cool and so true. Did you write that?

Terry said...

While I identify with all of your points I have to agree that I may be older on the outside I'm still a spring chicken inside, and some songs have a special meaning.

Jimmie Earl said...

Yes Curley, that's all original! My brain still works well, it's the body that's not doing so hot!