Thursday, July 25, 2013


It's around this time every summer that the hot weather, humidity, and other summer stuff brings on the doldrums.  I'm tired of the heat, tired of being cooped up in the AC, but can't stand the heat like I used to be able to.  My company has gone home, and the house is clean.  The laundry is about done, and there is absolutely nothing good on the telly.  I have about crocheted my fingers to the bone, and have just finished book # 42 and began #43. 
Last night I sang with my buddies for about 2 hours getting ready for a gig in August.  We haven't sung together at all since last November.  Everyone else is much younger than I and still working, so our schedules are different.  This was a treat.  It was a good time out for me, and singing with these guys is always enjoyable.  Our baritone, Alan, told us that he talked to a lady that took our quartet's name and might be giving us a call to perform in the fall.  That would mean a road trip of about an hour, and of course that means a meal out!!  The gig we have next month is at a fund raiser for a local cause.  It will be an old fashioned ice cream social, which means performing outdoors.  We hope for no rain! Which is pretty safe hoping in August in Indiana.
My mower guys were here this morning and spiffied up my lawn.  Looks great.  I found out that in the winter, these guys plow snow, so now I am going to get on their list that whenever we have 3" or more of snow, they will plow me out.  Yay Me!  I won't throw my snow shovels away, but at least I know that the big stuff will be taken care of, so I can still do the porch steps and short walks. 
I am dog sitting for Giles the Wonder Dog while daughter Prof vacations in Florida.  We have had a good time running around the back yard, and snoozing.  I took him to our walking park in town this morning.  We jogged a while and walked a while, but had to stop and greet everyone we met on the path.  Everyone asked questions (since he's kind of a rare sight) and wanted to pet him and make over him.  He loved it!  One 1/8th mile lap was enough to tire him out, and now he's asleep on his pallet upstairs.  I could have gone another few rounds, but he did the first one just fine, so we'll leave it at that.
Speaking of naps, I can hear my recliner calling.  Might just catch a few winks until the dryer buzzer goes off.


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Curley said...

Sounds like a good summer so far. At least the temps are cooler this week.