Sunday, February 08, 2015


After several inches of snow the last couple of weeks, we are in a slight warming trend.  I noticed when I came home from church this morning that the lawns on the north side of my street are showing something that looks mysteriously like grass.  Alas, those of us on the South side of the street still have an overabundance of the fluffy white stuff where ever the sun doesn't hit.  But, I do know that Spring is on the way.  I could hear a robin singing when I left the house for church.  I couldn't see him, but I would recognize his cheery song anywhere.
Isn't it sad that when one retires, does little, that he tends to prattle on about the weather.  Well, I don't have much more of interest to write about.
I haven't traveled lately, unless going downtown to the coffee shop, to the library, church, and grocery store can be considered traveling.  Last month I actually got by on only one tank of gas, if that gives you any clue to how far I went and how boring my life has become.
This weekend did bring my daughter for a visit, tho however brief, and we had a chance to get caught up and have a nice breakfast at our local Bob Evans restaurant.  She had plans with her guy for the evening, so she left to go back to the capitol city around noon on Saturday, but it was nice to have her to myself for a few hours.
My son and his family are fine.  The little ones are growing rapidly.  The princess, age 6, has succeeded in losing both upper front teeth this past month.  One just came our Thursday at school, which she proudly carried home for a payout from the tooth fairy.  They have all enjoyed being able to play in the snow, and have been on some "exciting" sledding adventures with Daddy and Mommy.  Even little T.W. is enjoying the snow and being pulled in the sled.  I, on the other hand, am enjoying watching from afar.
Tomorrow, weather permitting (there it is again), my good friend Curley and I are meeting and heading to the city for a day of craft shopping and a quick trip to Costco to stock up on Keurig pods for my coffee maker.  We will stop somewhere pleasant for lunch before trekking home.
I have read numerous novels since 1/1, and the count is now 13 already for this year.  I just, a few minutes ago, finished "A Dangerous Fortune" by Ken Follett.  I loved it!  It is an older one of his, but I haven't read his works too extensively, and have just gotten re-interested in taking them up again.  I have read several by Jonathan Kellerman, too.  I also finished recently "You Don't Cry Out Loud," an autobiography by Lily Isaacs, mother and matriarch of "The Isaacs" gospel singing group.  What a wonderful book.  She has led a life that is unfathomable for me to comprehend.  The daughter of Holocaust survivors, the hardships she endured, along with  illnesses and personal family tragedy, she is certainly to be commended.  Reading it, I was struck by how truly fortunate I am to have lived in America and have had the kind of life I have.  Lily is only 2 years younger than I and has been through so much.  If you get the chance, please read it.  It will inspire you.
Now, I must close.  I am "closet" Downton Abbey fan and it is once again Sunday evening and episode 6 is about to begin.  Until next time...