Monday, January 30, 2012

The Ultimate in Restaurant Decor!

The other evening my sis-in-law and I went out for supper. We visited a local Mexican restaurant close by. Bro didn't want to leave the house with workmen still there, so we brought his supper to him. But I digress.
This place looked small from the outside, but upon entering, I found it to be quite large. It was divided into dining areas by walkways with railings and posts. Each dining area had maybe seating for 25 to 30 people. It sort of seemed like a maze, but was well tended, so you didn't mind walking to a certain area.
Now, let me tell you about the decor. And I am not stretching the truth here at all. Once inside the first set of doors, the next set entering the restaurant were coated, inside and out, with tinsel. Yet, you read right, tinsel. Like we use at Christmas time. Garish, silver, gold, red, blue and green tinsel, covered the doors, along with lights...colored lights. (the small ones we use on our Christmas trees.)
Then inside, it was like entering a fairy land of tinsel and lights. Every surface, pole, railing, light fixture, and door way was covered in brightly colored tinsel and then topped with lights. Millions of lights! And here and there were mirrors placed strategically to reflect the millions of lights. From the ceilings, which were painted black, there were string after string of icicle lights and more strings of multicolored twinkle lights. Some of them even blinked!
It was a sight to behold. You really "had to be there" to believe it. I have never seen so many lights in one place. And this was not for Christmas and they hadn't taken it down yet. No, it's like this all the time. I remarked to the cashier upon leaving that this was certainly not only a culinary experience (the food was excellent) but a visionary one as well. She replied, Oh, you get used to it after a while, and think nothing of it!" Sis-in-law has a retired friend who worked there as a waitress for over 30 years, and that was her only job. The place was packed, so I know that the decor didn't "turn people off." In fact, the light show probably has something to do with stimulating the appetite. Who knows! All I could say when we walked out was, "WOW!"


God's Plan or Problem, take your pick!

Sometimes someone sends me a "funny" that seems like it really hits home. I think this is "freakin" hilarious, and so true in my case. (Except I would change "little old man" to "grieving husband.")

God's Problem Now.

His wife's graveside
service was just barely finished, when there was
a massive clap of thunder, followed by a tremendous
bolt of lightning, accompanied by even more thunder
rumbling in the distance. The little, old man
looked at the pastor and calmly said,
'Well, she's there.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunset Over Texas

I thought it was time to bring everyone up to date with my "goings on." I am vacationing in Texas right now with my brother and sister-in-law. It is beautiful here. Not like back home in the Midwest where they are up to their whatevers in snow and slush and rain and gray days. Since I arrived via American Airlines on January 10, it has been warm and sunny. One day it was too cool to be out because of the wind, but otherwise it's been comfortable. And I am enjoying it to the fullest. I am eating well, and healthy, and resting well in a California King bed where when I stretch out both arms, I can't reach either side of the bed from the middle. (Alone, unfortunately!!) But I am having fun and relaxing. I go out on the deck and enjoy the sun, watch a little TV, (or a lot) and visit with Bro and Sis. It's fun. I do have pangs of homesickness once in a while, but they pass. Especially when I hear from the kids and friends back home.
Too soon, I'm sure, it will be time to board the big silver bird and head home, but until then, I intend to really soak up the sunshine, and enjoy the beautiful sunsets over Texas!

Monday, January 09, 2012

Rambling On!

These are observations, thoughts, and points of view that come to mind as I sit here trying to write a blog that sounds somewhat interesting before I leave on my "vacation." (My kids claim I can't call it a vacation because I'm retired, thus on a permanent vacation.)

  • I looked the house over for a instruction booklet to a piece of electronic gadgetry and couldn't find it. Prof leafed through the magazines on the coffee table and "voila" there it was. I had been through that pile of stuff at least a dozen times.
  • I had a huge suitcase packed to go on my trip (when I thought about driving) and am now trying to repack into a carry-on size bag because I am "cheap" and don't want to pay American Airlines the $25.00 to check a bag. Personally, I think that for the price I paid for the ticket, I should be able to check the first bag for free. Evidently, "Full fare" doesn't cover a ticket for the over 65 generation.
  • My brother simplified my packing by sending me a list of stuff that I left there the last time I was there so I didn't have to bring so much stuff the next time. Good for him.
  • I wanted to take my crochet hooks on the plane, but I don't know if they are allowed. (and I can't find a phone number to call to find out.) If not and I pack them, they will just toss them. So, I guess I will wait until I get there and go to a Hobby Lobby and buy still another set.
  • I hate the fact that, even though she's willing, Prof has to take time off her job to take me to the airport. Her idea, not mine. She has to work an extra hour the rest of the days this week to make it up in order to get paid. Sucks!
  • Why are my hands always cold? The only time they are really warm is in the middle of the night after they have been under the covers for a few hours.
  • This winter has been kind to us midwesterners so far. Maybe I should knock on wood. Of course, wait until sectional tourney basketball time. It always gets in its last "nasties" then.
  • Two years ago, I installed (well, Alan, my handyguy, installed) a ventless gas fireplace in my living room. I love it. The only drawback is that when I have the gas turned on, even with the pilot light burning, Prof is plagued by headaches. I swear there are no fumes, and I even bought a new carbon monoxide detector and have it going 24/7. So we turned it off and haven't been using it since Christmas, and her headaches are gone. It doesn't bother me or Kiddo, but I don't want her to be ill. Strange!!!
  • We still have the Christmas tree up. No ornaments on it anymore, just the tree and lights. Prof and Kiddo promised to take it down while I am gone. I am going out and take the wreath down and remove the red bows from the lights today!
  • My house needs a thorough cleaning. You know, the move the furniture, sweep everywhere, remove dust bunnies, mop the kitchen an bathroom floors on hand and knees instead of the "swiffer" job that usually suffices. I had planned to have a cleaning lady twice a month to do the "deep" cleaning and maybe I could keep the rest nice. That plan got dashed in a hurry!!!
  • I spend entirely too much time on the computer. And crocheting. And reading on the Kindle. But all are fun. Maybe that's why there's dust bunnies, dirt, and stuff that needs to be cleaned.

That's all folks! Have a good week.



Thursday, January 05, 2012

A Christmas Thought

"I’ve always pictured Mary in her “blue Mary outfit” with the angelic halo around her head, the animals standing in the silent reverence. Joseph standing beside Mary, and the shepherds kneeling in front of the newborn child. Isn’t that what the nativity scene on our courthouse lawn depicts? But I doubt that is the way it really was. Mary had to deliver her firstborn into the world with as much straining, blood, and afterbirth as the rest of the mothers who had given birth before her. She didn’t have the luxury of an epidural, heart-monitoring machines, and forceps. There were only an few barn animals and her husband Joseph to witness the birth of our Savior.
I’ll tell you whom I feel sorry for--all the people in the inn who missed it. They were there! There were in the same time period. They didn’t have to learn of this event 2000 years after the fact…like we did. While they were lying in their beds, trying to get some rest…they missed it! They could have just walked right out to the stable behind the inn and witnessed the coming of the Messiah! But, no, they were too busy with the mundane to notice the Eternal!"

(by: Mark Lowry, author, singer, Christian comedian.)

Made me stop and think.


This is just plain FUNNY!

No matter how you feel about your faith, this is just too funny. Compliments of my own son! He cracks me up sometimes. This was one of those time. Enjoy!

Peace, (when I'm not still giggling!)

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Flat Tires!!

What a way to start the new year! Last night Prof offered to buy my dinner at an Applebees in the next city south of us. We dropped off Kiddo at a buddy's house, then took off for the city. We had a wonderful dinner at Applebees. I had ribs, she had steak. Then, after stopping in at Starbucks, where I had nothing, she had her vinte peppermint mocha, we started home. We were almost back to Our Town when I heard a not so familiar rumble. Prof said, Daddy-O, I think we have a flat tire. Damn! She was right. I just had that slow leak fixed in that tire two weeks ago, too. So we slowly limped into the nearby Builder's Mart parking lot, parked and got out to inspect. Same tire...flat again. We called my daughter-in-law who came to our rescue. It was about 8:00 PM and about +15 degrees with snow flying and wind gusts up to 40 mph and dark! I left my car sit in the parking lot, under a flood light and came on home. The tire shop where I trade all the time was closed for the night.
This morning I arose around 6:45 after a restless night's sleep (knowing I have to get up at a certain time sure puts a kink into my sleeping since I retired.) I took Prof to work so I could use her car. I then went to the tire shop. I know the owners well, and have traded there for about 40 years. They agreed to send someone to do what ever was needed to get my car to the shop, fix the tire and call me. I am waiting on their call now.
When I had my car serviced last month, the 16 point inspection showed that my back tires were in the yellow "caution" area and they even told me how much tread was left. Since I only drive about 10,000 miles or less yearly, I wasn't too concerned. But, I guess I should have been. I am expecting that when Scotty, the tire guy, calls me, I will need two new tires. This wasn't in the financial plan for this month since I just bought a plane ticket to Texas and plan to be gone a month. But I also can't rely on shoddy tires in the winter.
I have had very few flats in my 50 years of driving. Most of them have been in the dead of winter. When I was young, I would hop to it and get it changed, but now, with the new style of jacks, and having it placed just so, and the new fangled lug wrenches, I don't know where to begin. And, I have arthritis in the knees, ankles and hands. It's just easier to call Scotty, the tire guy, and let them do it. I am thinking about joining AARP's Auto Club! At least if I get caught out of town, I would have someone to call!


Sunday, January 01, 2012

Another New Year

Happy New Year!

Blessings to all my readers and followers. May you all have a healthy and prosperous 2012. Keep the faith, seek the silver lining, and be happy!