Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Sistah

My Daughter-in-law turns the big 30 today. Happy Birthday, Sweetie. You rock! Thanks for being such a great addition to our family. You take such good care of my son and , those Grandchildren...what can I say. You are a top notch MOM and I admire you for it.
Have a wonderful birthday. 30 is a big milestone, but just wait until you hit 60+. Life gets tedious, but in some ways, even better.

Have a Great Day!

JE aka Father-in-Law

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Can the Public Know Too Much?

I read the following on line just minutes ago:

WASHINGTON President Barack Obama has signed a secret order authorizing covert U.S. government support for rebel forces seeking to oust Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, government officials told Reuters on Wednesday.

It made me wonder just how much the public really needs to know. This was just the beginning of a lengthy article outlining a "finding" signed by our president. Now, not only do the Americans know that "we" are out to get Gaddafi, Gaddifi and his followers know it. I ask myself, just how successful a mission of this magnitude can be if the enemy, in this case, Gaddifi, is warned in advance.

I have to think back to WWII, and the lack of media coverage. America didn't know until "after the fact" just what was happening. It wasn't on every news channel, in every newspaper, or on the radio in advance. Secrets were kept, and thus we won the war.

Maybe if the media wasn't made aware of every thing that is being said, and done, this conflict to be ended in a shorter time.

Bear in mind, this is just an opinion, not a criticism of Obama, or his cabinet, it's just an observation by a grizzly old man sitting at the computer. But as an American, I feel like I have the right to express that opinion.

Peace (Hopefully soon)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Believe...

That my best friend and I
can do anything or nothing
and have the best time

What I Read #28

Bliss, Remembered by Frank Deford: Sydney Branch, 86, is succumbing to cancer. She invites her son, Teddy, to visit her to watch the Olympic swimming events with her at her home in Eugene, Oregon. While Teddy is there, Sydney shares her memoirs with him. She was an Olympic swimmer in Berlin in 1936. While there, she fell in love with a young German man. It was a love to last a lifetime.
From a small town on the Eastern Shore of Chesapeake Bay to Nazi Germany,
Bliss, Remembered spans more than half a century. A love story of the first caliber. My hat is off to Deford for this work. I will mark this as one of the finest novels I will read in 2011.

Happy Reading,

Friday, March 25, 2011

I Believe...

That heroes are the people
who do what has to be done
when it needs to be done,

regardless of the consequences.

Note: Wear red on Fridays in support of our troops. They are our heroes!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What I Read #27

Strategic Moves by Stuart Woods: Another in the long running Stone Barrington series. Stone and Dino are involved in more crime solving. This time the crime solving takes them both into the world of high finance, posh Park Avenue apartments, and among the rich high rollers. Stone, being the natural playboy that he is, fits in beautifully. Until there is a murder!
Once again Woods does his character of Stone great justice. This fast-paced novel was a treat after reading a few not-so-good mysteries. Even though Woods, as a person, seems to have that same enlarged ego in his acknowledgments, I still like his writing style. I just ignore his personal snide remarks and close the book after I finish.

Happy Reading,

Kiddo the Actor

Last night was opening night for Kiddo's spring play. His school did "The Matchmaker." This is the non-musical version of "Hello Dolly." Kiddo played the part of Horace VanGilder. And he did it well. He was supurb. He was a grouchy, middle-aged man who had never had anyone love him. He stormed about the stage, romping and stomping, waving a cane and "discharging" his employees right and left.
Prof, Curley, and I were in attendance. We were hysterical with laughter. The play was a hoot and Kiddo's performance was funny, relaxed and just a joy to watch. All the kids but one knew their lines and things ran smoothly. There was a superbly funny time when a curtain between two parts of the set was pulled, the rod came loose from the wall and the whole cast that was on stage tried to put it back up. Finally, the tallest guy on stage, pulled up a chair, stood on it, and in character, told every one to stand back and let "the" Cornelius Heckl repair the damaged screen. The audience by this time was on their feet clapping. Kiddo said afterwards that they decided to try it again next performance.
The director pulled out all the stops for this show. She rented Broadway sets and the costumes were fantastic. The cast and crew all did themselves proud.
This was Kiddo's last performance in that stage. It was a bittersweet time for Mom and Grandpa, knowing that we would not be paying the $4.00 admission fee to see Kiddo act again. At least not there. I hope that Kiddo will pursue acting, at least for fun, while he is in college. He has a real talent, and can sing like you wouldn't believe, so I don't want him to let it go by the wayside.
And to think, on the way home, Kiddo said that he really didn't like acting! Ha! Who is he trying to kid?

JE aka Proud Gramdpa

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Sad Day For HOllywood (and me.)

It's a sad day. My heartthrob through my growing up years, and all the years to follow, Elizabeth Taylor, died today at age 79.
Liz has always been my favorite actress. Known for her outrageous behavior behind the scene, her multiple marriages, and her beautiful violet eyes, Liz has always made my heart race.
I have seen most all of her films, my favorite being "The Sand Piper," in which she played a free-spirited artist having an affair with, who else, an Episcopalian Priest, played by Richard Burton.
I was entranced with her performance in "National Velvet" as a kid, and I guess I never got over the crush I had on her.
I always admired her ability to bounce back from numerous ailments, and addictions. I admired her, too, for always standing up for that which she believed, especially her fight against AIDS when the rest of Hollywood was remaining reticent.
Liz was a STAR in every sense of the word. She was what Hollywood was all about. She was a legend in her own time.
The world will always remember Liz for one reason or another. It will be a better place for her having been in it for 79 years.
Good bye, Liz! We'll miss you!


I Believe...

That either you control your attitude or it controls you.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

What I Read #26

A Dead Man's Tale by James D.Doss: I truly don't know what to say about this book. Doss write these Charlie Moon mysteries. This is the first one I have picked up and it is his latest.
I didn't care for the Moon character, nor did I like Doss's writing style. His attempts at humor left me scratching my head and wondering where the humor actually was.
There were murders in Granite City. Charlie Moon, a part time lawman and Granite City"s police chief Scott Parris try to figure them out. Thrown in the mix is Charlie's ditzy Aunt Daisy, a Ute shaman (or to be more P.C. shaperson) who is as crazy as a pet coon. Toss in talk of time travel and alternate universes, and there's just too much of everything. Some make sense, some doesn't.
I brought two Doss novels home. The other one will be returned to the library unread, and Doss will be marked on my list with a big red "X" for "do not read." Please don't waste precious time on this author like I did. Those are moments of my life I will never get back!!!

Keep on Reading,


Monday, March 14, 2011

Birthday Tribute

Well, today is his birthday. If I count right, my brother is 68 today. 68 years ago, this guy stepped into the world. Of course, I, being the younger, didn't get to know him until 2 years later, so I can roast and toast my Big Brother.


I remember the baseball games in our back yard. You were always able to hit the ball, while I swung and swung, and never could.

I remember riding the ponies, getting brushed off under the apple trees, both of us laughing our heads off while our ponies ran back to the stable.

I remember swimming, and diving. You could do all the fancy dives, I was a chicken to try, but I think I could outswim you.

I remember the day I slammed the door on your foot and tore off a toenail. You were chasing me thru the house with a wet towel!

I remember that on Saturday mornings we would walk the mile to Bruce's to watch cartoons on TV since we didn't have one.

I remember going halloweening with all the girls in the neighborhood. You fell into a sunken grave as we walked thru an abandoned cemetery. (While being pelted with buckshot from an irate farmer...all we did was fill his mailbox with smashed pumpkins.)

I remember when you were in the play, "The Family Nobody Wanted."

I remember how you played basketball for our school, hurriedly changed into your wool band uniform at half time to entertain as drummer with the band, then back out on the floor to finish the game.

I remember the big beer party we had one weekend when Dad and Mom were gone. The sheriff came and we saw him coming and everyone scattered. Including us who paddled out in the canoe to the shadowed fringe of the lake and sat there throwing beer into the lake so we wouldn't get caught with it. The sheriff left and never came back. (Must have been a false alarm)

I remember playing the organ at your wedding. Just before your bride came down the aisle, the lights were turned off. My light on the organ went off, too. So I had to wing the wedding march.

I remember you getting knocked in the head by a door at my wedding, and had a big, red line down your forehead in our pictures.

I remember you calling me late one night to announce the birth of your daughter. I had only been married 3 weeks, and when you asked, "what are you doing" I told you. You said, I'll call ya back."

I remember you being so sympathetic when we lost our first child.

I remember how we shared our good times with our families as long as they lived close by.

I remember the day I had to call you and tell you Mom was dying.

I remember how caring and understanding you were when my beloved Tilly was so sick and then passed.You and Sis-in-law were here for me every minute. Taking time away from your jobs and family to come to my rescue.

Now, I am looking forward to making more fond memories with you. But today, even though you're in TX and I am not, I want to wish you the best birthday ever. No one, dear Clyde, could ask for a better big brother than you!

Many Happy Returns,


I Believe...

That we are responsible for what
We do, no matter how we feel.

It's All About Me!

For lack of anything better to blog today, I stole this from Mellodee over at Mellodee's Musings. It never hurts to get better acquainted, does it?

My cell phone? Tracfone, 19.99 at Walgreens, I buy minutes for it every 90 days.

My spouse? Gone, but certainly not forgotten

My hair? Had what little I have buzzed the other day.

My mother? A true lady and I miss her every day

My father? Strict, good provider, and missed, too.

My favorite possession? Family photographs

My dream last night? About cupcakes and messy icing. Go figure that one out.

My Favorite drink? caffeine-free Diet Coke, Margaritas, Iced Tea

My favorite room? My bedroom, and great room both are my favorites.

My hobby? Crafting, reading and blogging. Walking when the weather is okay

My phobias? I hate the wind, and I am afraid of dying alone.

My favorite day of the week? All of them, now that I'm retired!!

My favorite breakfast? Anything on IHop's menu, or Kolaches

My biggest wish? I wish for my daughter to find a "better" job and happiness and contentment.

My day? Cold, gray, and breezy.

My evening? On the computer and reading!

My usual attire? Jeans and a shirt

My Friends? Treasures beyond compare

My life? Seems to be passing me by right now.

My mood? Calm: How well can you say Prozac!

My car? 2006 Chrysler Sebring

My favorite stores? I love Big Lots, Dollar Tree, Kohl's, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's, Michaels, and bookstores! ( Thanks Curley for the boost.)

My favorite color? No surprise here, Red!

My last crying spell? I don't remember, but they are fewer than in the past.

My most frequent place to go? Church, MacDonald's, grocery store

My very best friends? Alan, Steve, Tim, Curley, Lynn, Susan

My favorite place to vacation? Ludington, Michigan, and Arlington, Texas

This is probably boring and useless, but, oh well! LOL!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

What I Read #25

The Broken Blue Line by Connie Dial: This is the second novel by Dial with the character of Mike Turner, an LAPD detective. Corrupt cops, Mexican Mafia, and a little romance thrown in make for a good read.
I was impressed by Dial's writing style. It's bold and "out there"letting us know that she knows her stuff. She should after serving as a police officer on the LAPD for almost 27 years. She can really talk the talk.
Though no as fast paced as the novels I usually read, this one was worth the read.

Happy Reading,


Springing Forward!

Hey all you people out there. I hope you didn't forget to turn your clocks forward an hour. I stayed up late reading and watching TV and when I went to bed at 1:54 am, it magically became 2:54am. And when the alarm went off this morning, I realized that I should not have stayed up so late. I lost a whole hour. Oh well, I can take a nap this afternoon.
I think it's interesting to watch the expressions on people's faces when the arrive at church on the first Sunday of DST, and realize that church is about over instead of just starting. Last year, I talked to one lady that said she got there, and realized by looking at the full parking lot that something was amiss. She checked the time on her cell phone, and realized that she had neglected to turn up her clock and so she just went home. I probably would have done the same thing.
Well, off to church. Everyone have a great day. It's going to be daylight longer!


I'm back! Sure enough, one of my friends said she forgot to reset her clock last night, woke up at 8:40am, remembering that she had to teach a Sunday School class full of youngsters at 9:00am.. And she wasn't late!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Believe....

That you can keep going long after you think you can't.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Musings

It's another gray day out. I really am craving sunshine and warmth. I am depressed. I have another ear infection. This one, the third since September, is bad enough that it called for going to the ENT specialist and having that "suction thingy" done on my ears. My "good" ear, the one I count on the most, is the worst. Bad enough that the infection had forced the tube in my ear for drainage out into the ear canal. What a gross mess. Of course Dr. W. had to show me the grossness! I wanted to puke. So now, I am on antibiotics (oral) and drops, and a new prescribed med for allergies. I also need to find a way to TOTALLY keep water out of my ears. I have tried several kinds of ear plugs, but they still leak. I am trying using a shower cap, but that's like wearing a condom (sort of) and takes the pleasure out of having the warm shower water beating on my head and shoulders. What an analogy that was!!!
I am tired of staying home all the time, but have no place to go. I am shopped out, and don't need anything to speak of. Of course, if I went shopping, I would find something and spend money needlessly that I can use for groceries and bills.
I am ready to do some more redecorating, but I need to have the windows open to paint, so that's on hold until warmer weather.
I am already bored with the television lineup going to reruns. What's with that already? I don't watch much, and have watched reruns of my favorite shows the last two weeks.
I sucked at Jeopardy last night. I usually do pretty well, but know little about Greek mythology, and can't identify today's rock stars at all. They had a category that you had to take a given number times 5, divided by 2, and add 3. I couldn't even do that in the time allowed.
I am finding that I am carrying my feelings around on my shirtsleeve and that isn't my usual attitude. Usually, I am pretty forgiving and carefree, but lately...NOT!
I guess I need to go crawl into a hole and chill out until I get things straightened out in my mind. Of course, when I get the infection out of my system, and possibly can hear what is going on around me, I just might feel better.


What I Read #24

Lost Angel by Mike Doogan: The first in the Nik Kane series. Nik Kane was once a detective of distinction, then came his fall. Now, an ex con and a recovering alcoholic, Kane is looking for a place to belong. He is hired by a fanatical religious group called "Rejoice" to find one of their young members, and daughter of an elder, Faith.
In searching for Faith, Nik finds obstacles, both human and spiritual that make his looking more difficult.
Taking place in Alaska, this first novel by Doogan is a winner.

Happy Reading,

Monday, March 07, 2011

What I Read #23

The Border Lords by T. Jefferson Parker: More action and adventure with the Mexican Drug Cartels. Sean Ozburn is deep undercover for the LASD. The longer he is working, the more iratic his behavior becomes. He becomes a rogue cop. About the same time, Sean's wife Seliah notices that her behavior has become uncommon and scary. It is up to DEA agent Charlie Hood to find out what is going on with Sean, and at the same time, try to stop a shipment of automatic pistols from being spread around the city of LA.

There was something about this novel that made me uncomfortable, yet compelled me to keep on reading. I cannot put my finger on just what it was, but it was there lurking in my subconscious. It wasn't an easy read. Lots going on, and lot of characters to remember. Not the best novel on my list, but I am not panning it, either.

Happy Reading,

Sunday, March 06, 2011

A Thought.....

Life today doesn't make any more sense than it did on day one!

Ugh! More snow!

Can you believe it. All day yesterday it rained. Then in late afternoon, it became hard rain. By hard, I mean it was pellets, and then it was snow. This after a few days of thaw, rain, sunshine and spoiling us by teasing.
Well, Prof and I were shopping in nearby city. We couldn't believe that we were coming home in snow when we went in the rain. Yes, we really could believe it, but didn't want to. It snowed all evening and didn't stick. The ground was too warm. But, when I got up this AM for church, the roof on my garden shed was white. Then I looked at the ground. Yes, once again it was white. The temp is now hovering around 30 degrees F and the sun is shining sporadically, so the snow is melting as we speak. (Or writing and reading.)
Why am I writing this? Just venting about the Midwest weather once again. For all of you who live in the warmer climates, see what you are missing. And for us here in the "snowbelt," we just keep on hoping for Spring to come soon! Very soon!


Saturday, March 05, 2011

Today's Groaner

Did you hear about the fellow whose whole left side was cut off?
He's all right now.

I Believe.....

That you should always leave loved ones with Loving words.
It may be the last time you see them.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Today's Groaner

Police were called to a day care where a three-year-old was
resisting a rest.

I Believe...

That it's taking me a long time
To become the person I want to be.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Gas (or should I say Gold)

I got this from Mel over at Mellodee's Musings. Our gas here in the Midwest today is $3.43 a gallon. If it keeps on the rise, I will be staying home even more than I am now,(if that's even possible) or taking public transit around town. As soon as the weather warms up, I will get out the trusty Schwinn and pedal my a** all over town.
This is a case where the rich are getting even richer and us poor blokes are getting poorer by the minute. Where will it end?
And SSI didn't go up this year because the consumer P I allegedly didn't go up. Well, you can tell Mr. O doesn't have to pay for his own gas! Or groceries, or utilities!
I swore I wasn't going to get I will shut up now.

Peace, (it might help the world situation)

What I Read #22

Skin River by Steven Sidor: If you are a fan of gruesome murder mysteries, this is the novel for you. Buddy Bayes, a former Chicago thug, is trying to find a new path for his life by moving to Gunnar, Wisconsin. He buys the "Black Chimney," a run down bar and grill, remodels it, and begins a new life for himself.
Just when he thinks everything is going along fine, his past rears up and shows its ugly head. That along with a mysterious serial killer in the area, makes for an interesting, fast paced read.
This is author Sidor's first novel. This guy has a real talent for presenting the weird and bizarre!

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I Believe...

That you can do something in an instant
That will give you heartache for life.

What I read #21

The Prostitutes' Ball by Stephen J. Cannell: Another fast-paced Shane Scully mystery. Shane has a new partner, Sumner "Hitch" Hitchens. Hitch is not only a detective, but also a Hollywood celebrity in his own right, having sold a story for a movie. Shane and Hitch are caught up in a triple homicide, which leads to finding more bodies linked to cold cases.
Cannell did a fantastic job of putting Shane and Hitch together. Their life styles and policing styles are entirely different, yet they gel into the perfect detective team.
This the latest Shane Scully mystery by Cannell. It was published in late 2010. I am wondering if it was his last work.

Happy Reading,