Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Sad Day For HOllywood (and me.)

It's a sad day. My heartthrob through my growing up years, and all the years to follow, Elizabeth Taylor, died today at age 79.
Liz has always been my favorite actress. Known for her outrageous behavior behind the scene, her multiple marriages, and her beautiful violet eyes, Liz has always made my heart race.
I have seen most all of her films, my favorite being "The Sand Piper," in which she played a free-spirited artist having an affair with, who else, an Episcopalian Priest, played by Richard Burton.
I was entranced with her performance in "National Velvet" as a kid, and I guess I never got over the crush I had on her.
I always admired her ability to bounce back from numerous ailments, and addictions. I admired her, too, for always standing up for that which she believed, especially her fight against AIDS when the rest of Hollywood was remaining reticent.
Liz was a STAR in every sense of the word. She was what Hollywood was all about. She was a legend in her own time.
The world will always remember Liz for one reason or another. It will be a better place for her having been in it for 79 years.
Good bye, Liz! We'll miss you!



Mellodee said...

I have always viewed her as an enormously beautiful, talented,and unique woman. She was definitely unlike anyone, a true original. She became an icon to much of the world, even though she lived her life without concern for the conventional. Truly a gift to all of us.

May she rest in peace. She has earned it.

Tom McMillen-Oakley said...

I drew a tear, but I knew that she had gone through sooooo much, I hope she is pain free and she has the body she once had now.