Monday, March 14, 2011

It's All About Me!

For lack of anything better to blog today, I stole this from Mellodee over at Mellodee's Musings. It never hurts to get better acquainted, does it?

My cell phone? Tracfone, 19.99 at Walgreens, I buy minutes for it every 90 days.

My spouse? Gone, but certainly not forgotten

My hair? Had what little I have buzzed the other day.

My mother? A true lady and I miss her every day

My father? Strict, good provider, and missed, too.

My favorite possession? Family photographs

My dream last night? About cupcakes and messy icing. Go figure that one out.

My Favorite drink? caffeine-free Diet Coke, Margaritas, Iced Tea

My favorite room? My bedroom, and great room both are my favorites.

My hobby? Crafting, reading and blogging. Walking when the weather is okay

My phobias? I hate the wind, and I am afraid of dying alone.

My favorite day of the week? All of them, now that I'm retired!!

My favorite breakfast? Anything on IHop's menu, or Kolaches

My biggest wish? I wish for my daughter to find a "better" job and happiness and contentment.

My day? Cold, gray, and breezy.

My evening? On the computer and reading!

My usual attire? Jeans and a shirt

My Friends? Treasures beyond compare

My life? Seems to be passing me by right now.

My mood? Calm: How well can you say Prozac!

My car? 2006 Chrysler Sebring

My favorite stores? I love Big Lots, Dollar Tree, Kohl's, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's, Michaels, and bookstores! ( Thanks Curley for the boost.)

My favorite color? No surprise here, Red!

My last crying spell? I don't remember, but they are fewer than in the past.

My most frequent place to go? Church, MacDonald's, grocery store

My very best friends? Alan, Steve, Tim, Curley, Lynn, Susan

My favorite place to vacation? Ludington, Michigan, and Arlington, Texas

This is probably boring and useless, but, oh well! LOL!



Mellodee said...

Ludington, Mich? What is in Ludington, Mich???

Good job on the quiz...we might be twins, separated at birth! :)

Curley said...

Not a bit boring or useless. And you forgot Hobby Lobby, just so we can look and all the pretty things and the odd and bizarre.

Jimmie Earl said...

Ludington, MI has the most beautiful beach as their city park, and to go there and watch the sun set in the evening was sublime! Besides, they have O'Hamlin's & P.M. Steamers, just to mention two wonderful eateries, and a great ice cream shoppe. Just a good place to relax, walk along the shore, lay in the sun and do nothing.

Curley: OMG...How could I forget Hobby Lobby. The urns there are most bizarre!