Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Musings

It's another gray day out. I really am craving sunshine and warmth. I am depressed. I have another ear infection. This one, the third since September, is bad enough that it called for going to the ENT specialist and having that "suction thingy" done on my ears. My "good" ear, the one I count on the most, is the worst. Bad enough that the infection had forced the tube in my ear for drainage out into the ear canal. What a gross mess. Of course Dr. W. had to show me the grossness! I wanted to puke. So now, I am on antibiotics (oral) and drops, and a new prescribed med for allergies. I also need to find a way to TOTALLY keep water out of my ears. I have tried several kinds of ear plugs, but they still leak. I am trying using a shower cap, but that's like wearing a condom (sort of) and takes the pleasure out of having the warm shower water beating on my head and shoulders. What an analogy that was!!!
I am tired of staying home all the time, but have no place to go. I am shopped out, and don't need anything to speak of. Of course, if I went shopping, I would find something and spend money needlessly that I can use for groceries and bills.
I am ready to do some more redecorating, but I need to have the windows open to paint, so that's on hold until warmer weather.
I am already bored with the television lineup going to reruns. What's with that already? I don't watch much, and have watched reruns of my favorite shows the last two weeks.
I sucked at Jeopardy last night. I usually do pretty well, but know little about Greek mythology, and can't identify today's rock stars at all. They had a category that you had to take a given number times 5, divided by 2, and add 3. I couldn't even do that in the time allowed.
I am finding that I am carrying my feelings around on my shirtsleeve and that isn't my usual attitude. Usually, I am pretty forgiving and carefree, but lately...NOT!
I guess I need to go crawl into a hole and chill out until I get things straightened out in my mind. Of course, when I get the infection out of my system, and possibly can hear what is going on around me, I just might feel better.



Mellodee said...

Ahhh, poor friend! You have slipped into the Slough of Despond. Only natural considering ear infection (ouch!), grey days, and all other annoyances of life!! I understand and have been there myself many times. I don't have to tell you that this too shall pass. You just need some sunshine, something fun to do, and NO more infection.

Maybe a hug would help?? Here's one from me....((HUG-HUG-HUG-HUG!!!))

If that didn't help, go listen to some music from the 60s or from "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat" or a Sousa March! And sing along....well, except for the Sousa, that you have to hum....then you can just march up and down the longest hallway in your home!! Afterall everybody is happy at a parade!!! :)

(Feel better soon!)

Curley said...

I'm sorry you are feeling so blue. Maybe when the wheather gets warmer and you can get outside and walk around, that will help.