Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kiddo the Actor

Last night was opening night for Kiddo's spring play. His school did "The Matchmaker." This is the non-musical version of "Hello Dolly." Kiddo played the part of Horace VanGilder. And he did it well. He was supurb. He was a grouchy, middle-aged man who had never had anyone love him. He stormed about the stage, romping and stomping, waving a cane and "discharging" his employees right and left.
Prof, Curley, and I were in attendance. We were hysterical with laughter. The play was a hoot and Kiddo's performance was funny, relaxed and just a joy to watch. All the kids but one knew their lines and things ran smoothly. There was a superbly funny time when a curtain between two parts of the set was pulled, the rod came loose from the wall and the whole cast that was on stage tried to put it back up. Finally, the tallest guy on stage, pulled up a chair, stood on it, and in character, told every one to stand back and let "the" Cornelius Heckl repair the damaged screen. The audience by this time was on their feet clapping. Kiddo said afterwards that they decided to try it again next performance.
The director pulled out all the stops for this show. She rented Broadway sets and the costumes were fantastic. The cast and crew all did themselves proud.
This was Kiddo's last performance in that stage. It was a bittersweet time for Mom and Grandpa, knowing that we would not be paying the $4.00 admission fee to see Kiddo act again. At least not there. I hope that Kiddo will pursue acting, at least for fun, while he is in college. He has a real talent, and can sing like you wouldn't believe, so I don't want him to let it go by the wayside.
And to think, on the way home, Kiddo said that he really didn't like acting! Ha! Who is he trying to kid?

JE aka Proud Gramdpa

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Curley said...

Tell your grandson that he is a very talented young man. I really enjoyed watching him last night. He worked really hard on that part and did a great job.