Friday, November 30, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas

Christmas is coming.  (Yes, at my house we still call it CHRISTmas.  Not "the holidays" or "winter break.")  Anyhow, last week I dragged out the BIG Christmas tree from it's storage area in the garage, and put it together.  Last year I put up the little tree, and it just wasn't the same.
the BIG tree is 7 1/2 feet tall and is one of those "pre-lit" jobbies.  I got it all together and found that half of one row of lights didn't work.  Too many years have passed to return the tree to Hobby Lobby where I purchased it.  So, I spent two hours tracking down the problem, only to find that one of the sockets, way in the back near the "trunk" of the tree has a weird connector and the wire splits and goes two different directions after making a 180 degree turn in the connector, and that's where the current ends. (I had a special tool that detects the current in the wire, I am not an electrician).  Obviously the wire is broken, thus the outage.  I simply turned that portion of the tree to the back.  Yesterday I carried in the ornaments and after putting on about 2/3 of them decided that "less is more."  No one else really cares what my tree looks like anyhow, and I have to take it all down and put it away after Christmas, so I stopped decorating.  I think it looks beautiful.  Usually, the tree is so full of ornaments that one cannot enjoy each and every one, so this year I spaced them out and by doing that, I remember them one by one and the "story" that goes with each one.
I put up a few of my collection of Nativities.  One is a small Victorian-era set and another is a hand carved set from Haiti.  I always put out the one we got Kiddo when he was little.  It's soft pliable plastic and the figurines are "kids."  Those, along with a music box is the extent of my decorating so far.  I keep thinking of other things I want to get out, so probably today I will rummage around in the garage and find the rest of the cherished, memory-holding things that seem to make the Christmas season a little brighter!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday Shopping

Yesterday I spent the day window shopping.  I laid on my couch, with a good book, and had QVC and HSN on the TV while I window shopped, read, and napped.  And you know what?  I didn't get dressed until 4:00 PM and there was absolutely no traffic to fight!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Wishes

No fancy words or pictures, just a heartfelt "Happy Thanksgiving" to all my blogger friends.  Hope today was filled with good friends, good fellowship and good food!


Monday, November 12, 2012

Could this work?

I had this idea today while sitting here crafting.  I like to craft, and I run out of people to give the stuff to, and I am sure that some people just take the stuff I make to be kind and then foist if off on someone else, or make a little profit off it at their next garage sale.
I think it would be a good idea to organize an "artisan cooperative."  A place where artists and craftspeople could come together and sell their wares.  Finding a place to do this could be a problem, though.  I thought about having it once a month on a Saturday (the same Saturday each month) at our local Senior Center.  We could price our own things, man our own booths, and donate 10% of our total sales to the Center.  It would be win-win  for both.  It would probably start out small with only a few booths, but as word got around to both craftspeople, and the general public, I think it would work.
I have no idea how to organize or start something like this, but I would be willing to learn, and help. 
Another possibility would be setting up booths at my church on the first Saturday of each month in conjunction with our Community Outreach Breakfasts that we hold there.  Craftspeople and artists (aren't they the same) would not have to be members of our church.  I think the cooperative could donate the 10% of the sales to local charities, or local food banks, or our new free clinic, or our local mission store. 
I have made numerous hats, scarves, shawls, and etc and given them away.  I could use a little profit to keep my yarn supply active, as well as the incentive to make more for the public's consumption, and also help out the community as a whole. 
It's just another idea milling around in there in my mind.  What do you all think?


Thursday, November 01, 2012

Traffic Jam!

A railroad (freight only) goes east and west thru our town.  There are 12 different crossings within the city to get across.  There is only 1 underpass.  Today, I left the house to go downtown at 12:05.  I finally arrived downtown at 12:20.  A train was stopped across 10 of the 12 crossings.  Traffic was either at a standstill, or people were driving like they were nuts diverting down side streets trying to find a crossing that was open.  I, knowing my way around town, went thru the city park, where the only underpass is, and slowly made it to my destination, which at any other time would have taken me about 3 minutes tops.  When I left downtown, a friend told me that the 2 West most crossings were open, so I circled back, went west on the south side of the tracks, crossed, and then slowly made my way home.  What would have taken me about 5 minutes, took 45.  In a small town like this, we need better passage when a train derails or hits something or has to be stopped.  The town was more or less at a standstill until after 2:00 PM.  It's a good thing we have fire stations on both sides of the city, and a police substation, too.  People were frustrated, and rightly so, and were driving crazy, even going the wrong way on a one way.  Semis were trying to make their way down our narrow city residential streets.  It was ugly.  We have two major state arteries running north and south thru town as well as one US highway running east and west.  What a mess! But I made it home safely!


The Move

About three weeks ago, my grandson, Kiddo, moved into an apartment with a buddy.  The shopped around for one, with Prof's help, and ended up with a nice apartment in an older building , in an older, but reputable part of town.  They signed a year's lease.  Prof warned them that with both their names on the lease, they had to get along, and be civil to each other , sort of like a marriage.We helped them round up used furniture, gave them some sheets, towels, cleaning supplies and etc.  So far so good.
Kiddo stopped by last evening to borrow some clothes for a Halloween costume.(is my wardrobe really that scary?)  I asked him how it was going living in an apartment.  He loves it.  He said I would be proud of them, because they haven't smoked in the apartment once.  They have a balcony and smoke out there.  He said that they were out of groceries.  I mentioned that they might want to pool some cash and go shopping, but he laughed and said that if they had extra money, they would rather party!!!  (His mom and I bought their stash of groceries as a housewarming gift, and they are all gone now.)  Kiddo is learning how to budget his money so he has rent and gas money.  He will soon have to start paying back his school loan, so he is trying to save some, too.
His roommate, Lou, makes more money that Kiddo, but spends a lot more, too.  He has debts also, so they are trying to work out their finances.  I think it funny to hear them talk, but I also think it's a good thing that they made this move.  It is teaching both boys, at age 19, to be more responsible, how to take care of themselves and a home, and, too, how to get along with their fellow man.
Oh, I remember the college days when I had an apartment and a roomie.  We got along well then, and after almost 45 years, we are still best friends.  I hope that Kiddo has as good an experience.
(And I'm loving the P & Q!)