Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What I Read #103

Above The Law by J F Freedman: In this novel, almost everybody thought they were above the law. Special Agent Jerome with the DEA leads a raid on a drug cartel compound. He loses three of his men, plus some of the drug cartel members are killed. A trial ensues. People who everyone thought were above reproach; aren't.
This fast-paced legal thriller will have you turning pages, anxiously awaiting what is going to happen next. Right up to the end, this one had me captivated.

Happy Reading,

Friday, November 26, 2010

What I Read #102

The Obstacle Course by J.F. Freedman: For years, Roy Poole has dreamed about attending U.S. Naval Academy when he finishes high school. On weekends, he hangs out there, and has mastered the midshipman's obstacle course. Roy has many other obstacles to overcome before his dream can come true.
This coming-of-age story takes place during the first six months of 1957. A time before schools became integrated. A time when life was different than it is today.

Happy Reading,

What I Read #101

The Cove by Catherine Coulter: This was the first book in Ms Coulter's FBI series. I have read subsequent novels in the series. They get better as you read them.
In this one, special agent, James Quinlan is in pursuit of Sally, who is on the lam after being accused of her father's murder. She has taken refuge in the small town on the Oregon coast called "The Cove." What happens when Quinlan arrives? Why are there no young people or children living in "The Cove?" Read this intro novel to an exciting and continuing series. It's a slow starter, but is fast-paced once it gets going.

Happy Reading,

Thursday, November 25, 2010

To all my friends out there in "Bloggerland," I want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving." I feel like I should make a list of things I am thankful for, but it would take all day for me to do that, plus, it would take you all too long to read it. But let it be said that I am, first and foremost, thankful for my family. My kids (2 daughters, one son) and grands are THE BEST. I am also thankful for a friend like Curley. She is one in a million. Not only is she my friend, she is a "big sis" to Prof. She ROCKS! I am thankful for a brother like mine, and for a sister-in-law who is more of a sister! My church family is awesome, too. And like "the beat," the list goes on! So thus is ends...only scratching the surface of my thankfulness.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

What I Read #100

Snowbound by Blake Crouch: This spellbinding thriller was a great way to celebrate my 100th read for 2010. Will Innis's wife Rachel never makes it home from her job one night. With her still missing five years later, Will, his daughter Devlin and a former FBI agent team up to try to find Rachel and bring her home.
From the deserts of Arizona to the frozen wilderness of Alaska, this thriller will hold you spellbound from the get go. With surprises around every turn, you won't want to put it down, and will be sorry when it is over.

Happy Reading,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I Read #99

House of Smoke by J.F. Freedman: WOW! That's about all one can really say about this novel of suspense. Sex, drugs, and family secrets lead to murder, and coverup. P.I. Kate Blanchard is called in to investigate an in house murder at the local Santa Barbara jail. What she finds out while investigating gets her beaten to a pulp and almost murdered.
This novel held me captive from first page till the last one. Read it!

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm A Proud Father

I am always proud of my kids. That should go without saying. They could be standing on the breach of disaster, and I would still find something to feel proud of them. But today is different. First, last week , my son, Lil Bro, called me and told me that he finally got the new position at the correctional facility that he had wanted and taken the extra training for. Now, you have to understand just what this means. Since going to work there almost 4 years ago, he has worked 12 hour days, three on, two off, two on, three off. He has been gone from home a lot. He has taken advantage of every kind of training session. He has worked overtime for guys who don't show up. He has worked the "yard" for hours at a time in all kinds of weather. He has done all of this and I have NEVER heard him complain. Now, he has been promoted into a position that will have him working 8 hour days, and have his weekends and evening off! I am so proud of him. All the while he has been doing this other stuff, he has managed to help keep a marriage happy, and has, with the love of his life, expanded their family with my two little grands. Plus, taking college courses. Whew! No wonder I don't see them as often as I would like. Besides that, my daughter in law has recently achieved her master's degree! You Both ROCK!
Yesterday, Prof, my daughter, received word that she has been hired as librarian at the residence facility school where she taught summer school. She is thrilled. She has been so unhappy at the public school where she was an aide, and now she is back where her heart is. She loves this facility and all that it stands for. So, Go Her! Last night she was filling me in on the plans that she has and wants to implement at this library. She will be a force to be reckoned with, but the administration there are equally happy to have her as she is to be there. I think the next few days for her will be hard as she gave the public school 2 weeks notice this AM.
So there you have it. Just some more reasons to be proud of my kids. Being a parent is one of the hardest, but most rewarding jobs a person can have. I have been a parent for over 39 years, and no matter how old my children get, I still can worry and be concerned, but today, I am just proud!!!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Let the Buyer Beware!

Most of you know that I like to shop. Except for groceries! The other night Prof and I went to Kroger just to pick up a few things. Like Starbuck's new Peppermint Mocca Ice Cream, which Kroger didn't have yet. I noticed that Kroger has a new pricing system. They have two tags on the shelves. I thought, "gee, they are lowering the prices." On closer inspection of the "white" tags, I found that you get the lower price only if you buy in quantity. I was interested in my favorite wine, which showed a savings of almost a dollar. Well, only if you buy 6 bottles! So, Kroger shoppers, if you haven't already been stung, be careful of their new pricing system. I wonder how many people have been duped, then found out at the register that they had spent way too much.
Another thing to beware of is ordering on line. While this a very convenient way to do you Christmas shopping, watch out for the "shipping and handling" cost. I recently ordered some gifts from Kohl's. The price quoted and charged for shipping and handling was $10.35. However, when I got the package in the mail, I found that it really only cost them $7.40 to ship it to me. Where does the difference go? Into Kohl's coffers, of course. Buyers beware of this if you order on line. I heard on the news that Walmart is offering free shipping on anything ordered on line until December 20th. As much as I don't like Walmart, if I want anything more, I will at least check it out. Maybe other stores will follow suit.
Why don't I like Walmart? I don't like the way they come into a community and run other stores out of business. This has happened in our small town, and now Walmart is really the only place we have to shop for many things. Like mens' clothes, unless you are into western wear or athletic wear. But In their defense, I do have to say that I can save more money on groceries at Walmart than any other grocery store in our town. So, consequently, I shop there often. If I want clothes, I either order them on line, or go out of town.
That's my opinion of shopping and being duped either by tags or pricing. Just be careful, my friends. (Incidentally, Curley found Starbuck's ice cream at Walmart. Who would have thunk!)


Friday, November 12, 2010

What I Read # 98

A Song For You by Betsy Thornton: A body found buried behind a retaining wall brings P.I. Brian Flynn and his cohort Chloe Newcombe together to solve some murders. Some of these murders happened 17 years ago; some are recent. Are they all tied together?
This musty, dusty novel is slow paced. So slow that some nights while reading in bed I woke when my book fell against my nose. It was light reading, but very predictable. Not one of Thornton's best works. But I persevered!

Read On,

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A List of Questions About Childhood!

I was tagged by Professor with this list of questions to answer, so here it goes:

1 - too small when you were asked, what you wanted to do when you were big; What did you reply?

2 - What were your favorite cartoons?
3 - What were your favorite games?
4 - What year was your nicest birthday and why?
5 - What were the things you absolutely wanted to do, and not yet done?
6 - Which 'was your first love? sports? or what not?
7 - Which was your first musical idol?
8 - Which was the most' beautiful sought (and eventually received), Santa Claus, Jesus' Child, Saint Lucia, Christmas gift?

1. I wanted to be a cowboy. Ya know, I still want to.
2. Tom and Jerry, but my brother and I had to walk a mile ("uphill, both ways") to a neighbor who had a TV!
3. Scrabble
4. Probably my 60th. Tilly and kids threw me a big party!
5. Visit Nova Scotia, and spend a few weeks in Maine on the coast.
6. Swimming. I was raised on a lake complete with our own raft, diving board and beach.
7. Diana Ross and the Supremes
8. An Italian Romanesque Period Nativity Set my parents started for me in 1960.

There you have it. The List. For whatever it's worth!


Thursday, November 04, 2010

What Can I Say?

Things going on around me seem to be out of control. Things that are not happening to me, but to the people I love. It brings to mind a book I read years and years ago entitled, When Bad Things Happen to Good People. I just wonder why these things have to happen.

Curley, my very best friend in the whole world, is going through a very trying time. Her dad has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. He had some surgery and the doctors said there was no hope for him. The tumor was inoperable. He and Curley's mom decided to take him home where he could spend his last days in the comfort of his own surroundings. Though this has placed a load of responsibility on Mom, she said she would make it happen. He is failing day by day. This is hurting Curley beyond words. I feel her pain in my heart. I cannot make it go away, and I feel like there should be something more I can do besides offer useless platitudes. But there isn't. I can only pray that God hold Curley and her entire family in the palm if His hand.

Then last evening, Professor got an email from a very dear friend of hers in Alaska. He was sending it to let her know that he has survived a "pretty severe" heart attack. He's only 43. I know how much this man means to my daughter. I could see it on her face! Now, I again ask why bad things happen to good people. I want to say something comforting to Prof, but I am not sure what to say. I guess just being here for her and listening to her is as much as I can do right now.

I have been through the "trials of fire" these last three years. One would think that experience would be the best teacher, but in these cases, "I got nothing."


*Note: Shortly after posting this, I received word that Curley's dad passed away this morning.

What I Read #97

Listen to the Dead by Randall Peffer: A cold case on a small island has local law enforcement baffled. Harbormaster Corby Church and detective Yemanja Colon are thrust into the solving of the case to save their jobs.
This well written novel by Peffer is a "chewy" one. The prose is very literate and the mix of Colon's native tongue adds to the mystery. Though not for everyone, Listen to the Dead will wrap the reader in the songs of the sea as they delve into the unknown. I highly recommend this novel to readers who enjoy a mystery novel with a little more sophistication.

Happy Reading,