Monday, November 15, 2010

Let the Buyer Beware!

Most of you know that I like to shop. Except for groceries! The other night Prof and I went to Kroger just to pick up a few things. Like Starbuck's new Peppermint Mocca Ice Cream, which Kroger didn't have yet. I noticed that Kroger has a new pricing system. They have two tags on the shelves. I thought, "gee, they are lowering the prices." On closer inspection of the "white" tags, I found that you get the lower price only if you buy in quantity. I was interested in my favorite wine, which showed a savings of almost a dollar. Well, only if you buy 6 bottles! So, Kroger shoppers, if you haven't already been stung, be careful of their new pricing system. I wonder how many people have been duped, then found out at the register that they had spent way too much.
Another thing to beware of is ordering on line. While this a very convenient way to do you Christmas shopping, watch out for the "shipping and handling" cost. I recently ordered some gifts from Kohl's. The price quoted and charged for shipping and handling was $10.35. However, when I got the package in the mail, I found that it really only cost them $7.40 to ship it to me. Where does the difference go? Into Kohl's coffers, of course. Buyers beware of this if you order on line. I heard on the news that Walmart is offering free shipping on anything ordered on line until December 20th. As much as I don't like Walmart, if I want anything more, I will at least check it out. Maybe other stores will follow suit.
Why don't I like Walmart? I don't like the way they come into a community and run other stores out of business. This has happened in our small town, and now Walmart is really the only place we have to shop for many things. Like mens' clothes, unless you are into western wear or athletic wear. But In their defense, I do have to say that I can save more money on groceries at Walmart than any other grocery store in our town. So, consequently, I shop there often. If I want clothes, I either order them on line, or go out of town.
That's my opinion of shopping and being duped either by tags or pricing. Just be careful, my friends. (Incidentally, Curley found Starbuck's ice cream at Walmart. Who would have thunk!)



Curley said...

We run into that all the time. Esp. on Ebay. I guess if you want it and don't want to spend the money on the gas to go to that store to get it, you do what you gotta do. It is a good convenience.

Lilith said...

The extra $2.95 you paid was for the handling of your purchase. That money goes towards the packaging and to pay the people who box it up. has free super saver shipping on orders over $25.00. And I know of quite a few others that do free shipping. Most places/stores will do that this year because they know money is tight and people are looking for their best option.

Jimmie Earl said...

Yeah, I know you are both right! I just need to bite the bullet and shut up and order or drive. But it still pisses me off!
However, with the price of gas in my areas at least, ordering on line doesn't sound so bad today!