Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A List of Questions About Childhood!

I was tagged by Professor with this list of questions to answer, so here it goes:

1 - too small when you were asked, what you wanted to do when you were big; What did you reply?

2 - What were your favorite cartoons?
3 - What were your favorite games?
4 - What year was your nicest birthday and why?
5 - What were the things you absolutely wanted to do, and not yet done?
6 - Which 'was your first love? sports? or what not?
7 - Which was your first musical idol?
8 - Which was the most' beautiful sought (and eventually received), Santa Claus, Jesus' Child, Saint Lucia, Christmas gift?

1. I wanted to be a cowboy. Ya know, I still want to.
2. Tom and Jerry, but my brother and I had to walk a mile ("uphill, both ways") to a neighbor who had a TV!
3. Scrabble
4. Probably my 60th. Tilly and kids threw me a big party!
5. Visit Nova Scotia, and spend a few weeks in Maine on the coast.
6. Swimming. I was raised on a lake complete with our own raft, diving board and beach.
7. Diana Ross and the Supremes
8. An Italian Romanesque Period Nativity Set my parents started for me in 1960.

There you have it. The List. For whatever it's worth!


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Evil Pixie said...

My gramps was a cowboy... It's not all it is cracked up to be. However, I got to play cowgirl every summer and school holiday. I'm definitely a city girl, but I admit to lovin' my time around the horses.