Thursday, November 25, 2010

To all my friends out there in "Bloggerland," I want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving." I feel like I should make a list of things I am thankful for, but it would take all day for me to do that, plus, it would take you all too long to read it. But let it be said that I am, first and foremost, thankful for my family. My kids (2 daughters, one son) and grands are THE BEST. I am also thankful for a friend like Curley. She is one in a million. Not only is she my friend, she is a "big sis" to Prof. She ROCKS! I am thankful for a brother like mine, and for a sister-in-law who is more of a sister! My church family is awesome, too. And like "the beat," the list goes on! So thus is ends...only scratching the surface of my thankfulness.


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Curley said...

Ah, shucks. Thanks. Right back at ya. Hope you had a happy day.