Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Doin' What I Do!

   It's been a while again.  Lots going on around this place.  I have been working diligently on my redo in my kitchen and dining area.  Still working on the kitchen part, but the dining area is done.  I have packed box after box of cook books, and other tomes and carted them to the loft in my storage building.  I am down-sizing my cookware and dish stuff.  I got rid of a china cupboard by giving it to my son for their large dining room.  One stipulation of giving it to him was that he had to take all or most of what was in it at the time.  So, we toted a complete set of good china service for 12, with all serving pieces too, plus half of my Christmas dishes which they will use, and the grands will enjoy.  I decided I didn't need 4- 13x9 casserole dishes, and other stuff, so I am donating it all to Goodwill.
   I have discovered that grey squirrels are nesting in my overhang and trying to get into the space between the flat roof and the ceiling over part of my house.  I have a pest control expert in charge of that with live traps and bait.  He caught one yesterday, and hopefully more today.  I counted 3 or 4 sitting outside on my downspouts and gutters on Sunday morning.  Two looked like they were pretty young.  They might be a little harder to catch live, the pest control guy, Todd, said.
   It's also been a time for a bit of sorrow and prayer for my family.  My oldest grandson is having some trouble staying away from drugs.  He has been thru a rehab situation, was clean for several months, then back on again.  Now, he's clean again, and going to meetings for addicts, and is working hard at staying away from temptations and the friends who he "partied" with.  We almost lost him a few weeks ago, and I think it not only scared his mom and me, it finally scared him enough that I hope it has wised him up!!  Lots of stress on my daughter as he lives with her in the capital city.
   I have been well, and had good numbers in my semi-annual checkup.  That is a good thing for someone 69 and counting.  I certainly mean to stay as well and active as possible.  Trying to eat right is my biggest flaw.  I like to cook, but cooking for one is the pits.  So, I eat a lot of cereal, and sandwiches.  Once a week I try to cook a full meal, then dine on left overs for a few days. I am considering using the 7 ways to cut out or reduce sugar in your diet that I saw on the internet.  That should be interesting.
   Having my three small grands close by is "grand."  The oldest started Kindergarten in August, and the middle one is in Pre-K already.  This education system starts so early.  Gee, when I was in school, we didn't have kindergarten, so first grade was a new experience for me.  My mom was a teacher, but was not teaching then.  She went back to it when I was in second grade.  I think she was crafty in her thinking that she wouldn't have either me or my older brother in class!  My youngest grandson is now 19 months old and is a real charmer.  He's the shyest of the three, and is all smiles, especially when I offer him a cookie!
   I continue to read and have red 53 books so far this year, which is behind schedule for me.  Maybe my other hobbies of cardmaking and crocheting are holding me back.  But that's what occupies my idle time.
So I just keep on doing what I do.  Fall is here, color is changing daily, and the "brrrrr" of winter is just around the corner.  Maybe, when I am shut in with snow up to my "hoo-ha" I will think of better stuff to write about.