Thursday, November 01, 2012

The Move

About three weeks ago, my grandson, Kiddo, moved into an apartment with a buddy.  The shopped around for one, with Prof's help, and ended up with a nice apartment in an older building , in an older, but reputable part of town.  They signed a year's lease.  Prof warned them that with both their names on the lease, they had to get along, and be civil to each other , sort of like a marriage.We helped them round up used furniture, gave them some sheets, towels, cleaning supplies and etc.  So far so good.
Kiddo stopped by last evening to borrow some clothes for a Halloween costume.(is my wardrobe really that scary?)  I asked him how it was going living in an apartment.  He loves it.  He said I would be proud of them, because they haven't smoked in the apartment once.  They have a balcony and smoke out there.  He said that they were out of groceries.  I mentioned that they might want to pool some cash and go shopping, but he laughed and said that if they had extra money, they would rather party!!!  (His mom and I bought their stash of groceries as a housewarming gift, and they are all gone now.)  Kiddo is learning how to budget his money so he has rent and gas money.  He will soon have to start paying back his school loan, so he is trying to save some, too.
His roommate, Lou, makes more money that Kiddo, but spends a lot more, too.  He has debts also, so they are trying to work out their finances.  I think it funny to hear them talk, but I also think it's a good thing that they made this move.  It is teaching both boys, at age 19, to be more responsible, how to take care of themselves and a home, and, too, how to get along with their fellow man.
Oh, I remember the college days when I had an apartment and a roomie.  We got along well then, and after almost 45 years, we are still best friends.  I hope that Kiddo has as good an experience.
(And I'm loving the P & Q!)


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Anvilcloud said...

Better to learn at 19 than much later.