Sunday, October 28, 2012

That Just How Friends Are!

Friday, my good friend Curley and I spent the day together.  She came in from the wild country, and we went out for breakfast.  There's this fabulous restaurant in a nearby town that is run by Amish.  They have the most wonderful biscuits and gravy, so we went there.  Then off on a hunting trip to another town looking for a yarn shop that Curley wanted to visit.  We had very general directions, and lo and behold, we never did find it, but we had a great time looking.  (We since have gotten the proper address and can Google a map the next time.)
Anyhow, we arrived back at my house with most of the afternoon available.  I asked Curley if she would help me move my living room furniture around.  I have the "easy gliders" and all that stuff, so it wasn't a taxing job, and I basically wanted her input on arrangements that I had in mind.  Well, all in all it was a success, but Curley switched into her housecleaning mode, and had me scurrying for dust rags, Pledge, the sweeper and broom and dustpan.  I had to get a damp rag and clean the woodwork behind whatever we moved and then again before we moved a piece into its new spot.  Wow!  My living room looks and feels so clean.  I tossed some stuff that had been piling up, gathered stuff that needed to go upstairs and generally got everything put back in place.
I didn't intend for Curley to clean my house, just help me decide where to put stuff.  But she said that when you move furniture there is no sense in putting it in a "dirty" spot, thus the cleaning.  I feel like I owe her "big time," but she just insists that that's just how friends are.  How lucky I am to have a friend like that!  Thank you, Curley!



Anvilcloud said...

Sounds like a satisfying sort of day.

Curley said...

I was right about not putting it in a dirty spot. But we didn't even get behind the t.v. or the computer. And we only did the living room. Won't be long now and we'll be painting that "blue" wall and the whole area will coordinate.