Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The dreaded photoshoot (preamble)

About every 5 years, my church produces a photo album of members.  Tonight is the night I have to have my picture taken.  Since my son and his family attend there and my daughter is attending there too, we decided to have a family portrait taken.  The girls have been bantering back and forth about what we should all wear so we coordinate.  My daughter-in-law is rearranging their eating schedule so the little ones will be more content, since our photo session is at dinner time. (Poor planning on my part since I set up the early time to get this over with.)  My older grandson is trying to get a few minutes off from work and will meet us there, slip into a "non employee" shirt, get snapped, then go back to work.  All in all, this is turning into a bigger deal than I planned, but knowing my family,all will go like clockwork.  A followup blog later in the week will let you all know if we were all able to "say cheese."



Annmarie Pipa said...

I completely understand this post.
good luck!!!

Curley said...

We did it once and there were about 12 ot so of us. Don't think we will try that again cause there are even more of us now.