Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Post Photo Shoot Post

Well, all 7 of us showed up, on time, and in coordinating outfits.  The shoot went very well.  I wasn't too sold on the photographer at first, but she did well.  The only one who didn't smile was the littlest one, RJ, but he didn't cry either.  He was just "serious."  Kiddo came along, after taking the rest of the evening.  I have pics of me alone, me with my two adult children, me with the 3 grands, and then all of us together. 
After our shoot was over, my son and his family did their session.  THEN, they said that they had a family shoot already scheduled with their own photog next week, so they were being very generous with their time as well as themselves.  I was able to purchase a few, (very high priced) and will show you the goods when I get them. 
It was for a good cause, though.  In a church with a large (for our community) congregation, it's helpful to have a pictorial directory so I can put a name with a face. We have a lot of new people that have started attending, and it will also help our new pastor to put names and faces together of us older members.
All in all it was fun, a lot of laughing and very few tears.  Like I said, knowing my family the way I do, I knew it would all go well in the end.


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