Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Blues!

Have I ever told you all just how much I hate to do laundry???  If I could afford it, the one luxury I would bestow on myself is sending my laundry out. 

Peace (please!)


Curley said...

Me Too!!

Anvilcloud said...

Yeah that going down to the river in winter is tough. ;)

Marcia said...

I worked in a laundry one summer right after high school. The guys would wheel over a cart of freshly dried clothes and I'd fold them and wrap them in brown paper and write the name on it. I've always loved fresh laundry since that summer and would do it every day if need be. It's very satisfying to me.

Jimmie Earl said...

actually, the sorting, folding and the putting away is what I hate the most. Loading the washer and dryer is a snap. I always put it off until I have a whole bunch of loads, which is stupid since I am alone, and retired and have all kinds of time. I could do a load a day if I had to. Ugh!

Terry said...

We bought new front load washer and dryer thinking it would make laundry day easier - not!