Sunday, March 20, 2011

What I Read #26

A Dead Man's Tale by James D.Doss: I truly don't know what to say about this book. Doss write these Charlie Moon mysteries. This is the first one I have picked up and it is his latest.
I didn't care for the Moon character, nor did I like Doss's writing style. His attempts at humor left me scratching my head and wondering where the humor actually was.
There were murders in Granite City. Charlie Moon, a part time lawman and Granite City"s police chief Scott Parris try to figure them out. Thrown in the mix is Charlie's ditzy Aunt Daisy, a Ute shaman (or to be more P.C. shaperson) who is as crazy as a pet coon. Toss in talk of time travel and alternate universes, and there's just too much of everything. Some make sense, some doesn't.
I brought two Doss novels home. The other one will be returned to the library unread, and Doss will be marked on my list with a big red "X" for "do not read." Please don't waste precious time on this author like I did. Those are moments of my life I will never get back!!!

Keep on Reading,



Mellodee said...

Well, at least it was a library book! I hate picking up a book that I think I'll like and finding I like nothing about it at all!!

Purchasing a book and having that happen, just about makes me murderous! The only trouble is, I don't know who to kill!! :)

I rarely read recommended books by friends, none of them seem to like the same kind of books I like!! Reading is a very subjective thing.

Jimmie Earl said...

Mellodee: I have a real problem closing a book once I start it. I could probably count on one hand the number of books that I refused to finish. It's seems wrong, some how. I was saying this to a friend and she said she has finally given herself permission to stop a book if it doesn't hold her interest. It must be a reader thing. I think I will adopt the "if it doesn't grab me in the first 25 pages,read something else," theory. Especially after this fiasco! LOL!


Curley said...

At least you can get books from the city library. It cost so much for me to get a library card(cause I live in the county, not the city) that the only alternative I have is to buy or get books passed to me by friends. Thank God for used book stores.

Jimmie Earl said...

Really, the price of a library card for a county resident is about the price of 1 book. But I know how you feel. I think it isn't what Andrew Carnegie had in mind when he wanted to make books available to everyone. County tax base does not cover the infusion of funds to the library, so I can understand that,too. You need to use your sister's card, or her address to get yourself a card. Have TallGuy take you to the library south of you. I know you can use it for free, and they have a lot of the stuff you like to read. We would probably be surprised at their budget! Whatever you do, keep on reading.