Monday, March 14, 2011

Birthday Tribute

Well, today is his birthday. If I count right, my brother is 68 today. 68 years ago, this guy stepped into the world. Of course, I, being the younger, didn't get to know him until 2 years later, so I can roast and toast my Big Brother.


I remember the baseball games in our back yard. You were always able to hit the ball, while I swung and swung, and never could.

I remember riding the ponies, getting brushed off under the apple trees, both of us laughing our heads off while our ponies ran back to the stable.

I remember swimming, and diving. You could do all the fancy dives, I was a chicken to try, but I think I could outswim you.

I remember the day I slammed the door on your foot and tore off a toenail. You were chasing me thru the house with a wet towel!

I remember that on Saturday mornings we would walk the mile to Bruce's to watch cartoons on TV since we didn't have one.

I remember going halloweening with all the girls in the neighborhood. You fell into a sunken grave as we walked thru an abandoned cemetery. (While being pelted with buckshot from an irate farmer...all we did was fill his mailbox with smashed pumpkins.)

I remember when you were in the play, "The Family Nobody Wanted."

I remember how you played basketball for our school, hurriedly changed into your wool band uniform at half time to entertain as drummer with the band, then back out on the floor to finish the game.

I remember the big beer party we had one weekend when Dad and Mom were gone. The sheriff came and we saw him coming and everyone scattered. Including us who paddled out in the canoe to the shadowed fringe of the lake and sat there throwing beer into the lake so we wouldn't get caught with it. The sheriff left and never came back. (Must have been a false alarm)

I remember playing the organ at your wedding. Just before your bride came down the aisle, the lights were turned off. My light on the organ went off, too. So I had to wing the wedding march.

I remember you getting knocked in the head by a door at my wedding, and had a big, red line down your forehead in our pictures.

I remember you calling me late one night to announce the birth of your daughter. I had only been married 3 weeks, and when you asked, "what are you doing" I told you. You said, I'll call ya back."

I remember you being so sympathetic when we lost our first child.

I remember how we shared our good times with our families as long as they lived close by.

I remember the day I had to call you and tell you Mom was dying.

I remember how caring and understanding you were when my beloved Tilly was so sick and then passed.You and Sis-in-law were here for me every minute. Taking time away from your jobs and family to come to my rescue.

Now, I am looking forward to making more fond memories with you. But today, even though you're in TX and I am not, I want to wish you the best birthday ever. No one, dear Clyde, could ask for a better big brother than you!

Many Happy Returns,



Curley said...

That is a great Birthday gift for your brother. Memories are the best.

ABC said...

This is great:D Happy Birthday to your Brother:D even though its a tad late.....