Thursday, January 05, 2012

A Christmas Thought

"I’ve always pictured Mary in her “blue Mary outfit” with the angelic halo around her head, the animals standing in the silent reverence. Joseph standing beside Mary, and the shepherds kneeling in front of the newborn child. Isn’t that what the nativity scene on our courthouse lawn depicts? But I doubt that is the way it really was. Mary had to deliver her firstborn into the world with as much straining, blood, and afterbirth as the rest of the mothers who had given birth before her. She didn’t have the luxury of an epidural, heart-monitoring machines, and forceps. There were only an few barn animals and her husband Joseph to witness the birth of our Savior.
I’ll tell you whom I feel sorry for--all the people in the inn who missed it. They were there! There were in the same time period. They didn’t have to learn of this event 2000 years after the fact…like we did. While they were lying in their beds, trying to get some rest…they missed it! They could have just walked right out to the stable behind the inn and witnessed the coming of the Messiah! But, no, they were too busy with the mundane to notice the Eternal!"

(by: Mark Lowry, author, singer, Christian comedian.)

Made me stop and think.


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