Saturday, April 22, 2006

Mind flashes!

1. I need: More free time, less stress
2. Sex: What's that?
3. Relationships: if they are good, they are a must. Bad ones..get out fast!
4. Your Last Ex: Never had an ex, unless you count old girlfriend: ugly and her mother dressed her funny!
5. Power: Micromanagers give me a pain in the keester.
6. Marijuana: should be banished from the earth
7. Crack:glass ruined
8. Food: Diet
9. This president: Haven't has a real one since J.F.K.
10. War: will always be a threat
11. Cars: Vette
12. Gas Prices: A few getting rich off the masses...pisses me off!
13. Halloween: worst holiday of the year
14. Bon Jovi: Rather listen to grass grow!
15. Religion: The basis of who I am.
16. MySpace: Cool
17. Worst Fear: Losing my family
18. Marriage: Happen to be in a good one. Ain't I lucky!!!
19. Fashion: I like what I like, fashion be damned!
20. Brunettes: Liz Taylor, once upon a time!
21. Redheads: Maureen O'Hara...what a bombshell! They don't have actresses like her anymore!
22: Work: Sustains the purse, robs the body and soul
23: Pass the time: Get out there and enjoy life!
24: Football: Stupid, stupid, stupid!
25: One night Stands: Never been there, but close!
26: Pet Peeve: Supressed anger
27: Pixie Stix: I could buy 2 for a penny as a kid
28: Vanilla Ice: What?
29: Porta Potties: Necessary, but have very thin walls.
30: High school: A good start on life, but can be hell on the underdogs.
31: Pajamas: Never heard of 'em!
32. Wood: add an "s" and it's a good place to walk and hunt mushrooms
33. Surfers: Sidewalk junkies with extra-bad hair
34. Pictures: good to look at, just don't put me in them
35. First Love: I still remember her after 49 years, good person, had a neat bike!

I "borrowed" this from Babble From Babbler, who stole it from another innocent blogger!
But it was just for fun...enjoy!

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