Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Happy Birthday, Honey!

For 39 years now I have been helping celebrate your special day. Each year it gets harder to buy gifts, sometimes because the coffers are barer than others, and sometimes just because a the perfect gift just doesn't come to mind. This year you hinted that even though we weren't celebrating your birthday, you wanted something "green" and alive. Now, I know we have bare spots in the back yard, but a bag of grass seed didn't seem too good a gift, so I opted for African Violets. These bring back a lot of memories, don't they. Remember the little, old Violet lady that raised beautiful plants for sale? How many trips did we make to her house to buy plants down through the years?
Remember when our grandson was little and he just didn't like the violets? No matter how hard we tried to convince him that they were pretty flowers, he would wait until our backs were turned, and then would tip them over, on purpose. I still wonder what there was about them that he didn't like.
Remember when my mom was with us still and alway took us out for dinner on our birthdays? It was always a big deal. Maybe that is why we still go out to eat on birthdays.
Remember the little gifts that the kids made for you? Hand prints, plaques, etc? I think we still have them all in a box in storage, only because we don't have space to display them all.
So, on this birthday, remember all the fun, and memories that we have had down through the years. It is those memories in the making that will sustain us as we grow even older.
Happy day! Remember that I love you!


angel81 said...

You are just the sweetest man!

Jimmie Earl said...