Sunday, August 10, 2008

The "Dreaded" Class Reunion

Last night I attended my 45th class reunion. Sounded like fun when I received the invite. I thought the cost was a little extravagant, but I sent in my check after much encouragement from an old classmate that I see often. All day yesterday I dreaded going, decided not to go, but in the end, I donned my "party" shirt and went anyway. Now, don't get me wrong, I did enjoy seeing a few people. My old friend Phyl was there. We spend our school years just down the road from each other and have remained friends forever. Other than she and Herk, Toad and CR, I really didn't care if I saw anyone else.
I sat a a table with other guys who came alone for one reason or another. Most of them ignored me during high school and I had nothing in common with any of them to talk about. After inquiring about their careers and grandkids, there was nothing left. The classmates that I was closest to seperated themselves at a table and shut me out. Okay, I know I am a mature adult and should get past this, but this is my space to let off steam, so I will. I also noticed that the cliques that were always there in high school were still there. My class was the first graduating class of a consolidation of two schools. We were only together as a whole for one year. There were two classmates there that I didn't even remember, and one was not even in our yearbook. (I checked when I got home.)
The program was okay. It was given by the same classmate who did the program five years ago. We played "homeroom feud" and my homeroom lost. Questions about the sixties: where was I then? Social studies was one of my good subjects, too. I knew the answers to the music and movie questions, but the history ones got me. Then came time for the memorial to the classmates who have passed on in the last 45 years. Lots of them. The saddest thing was that one of my old "flames" had passed away and I never knew it. I felt bad. Sorry for her son and his family, wherever they are.
As soon as it was cordially possible, I escaped. I DID NOT have a good time. I am glad I got to see Phyl. We talk often on e-mail, but not person to person. It was good to see her. So I guess in the long run, it was worth it to go. But will I attend another one, #50, in 2013. I think not!

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Professor said...

This is a prime example of why I have never gone to any of my class reunions, nor will I. Ever.

I say on the next one, you give the money you would've spent on the reunion to Lil'bro and Sis'tah to have a night out and you could spend the evening babysitting for your favorite granddaughter- I bet you would have a better time!