Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shoppin' the The City

Friday, I picked up my good friend Curley and we struck out for the city for a day of craft shopping. Curley, as many know is my crafting cohort. Her husband hates anything to do with shopping, but doesn't care if she goes shopping with me. Saves him from having to go and gives him more time to fish and play golf.
We took off about 10 am, and hit Hobby Lobby where I think we were up and down every aisle at least twice. I bought cardmaking stuff, Curley, who teaches a "senior citizen" crafting class, bought gobs of supplies for that. I don't think she bought a thing for herself.
Next,we hit JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts. I bought some stuff for a project that is fodder for a later post, and Curley bought stickers and other stuff too numerous to mention.
Of course, we hit a Taco Bell for lunch. Taco salads! We also swung by the Cookie Cottage. I think I gained 5 pounds just walking in their door. Good oatmeal-raisin cookies, though.
We arrived back home about 4:30, unloaded the car at Curley's, then I came on home. The best part of the whole day was that I laughed! I haven't done too much of that recently, and it did me good. It was fun. I spent too much money, but hey, I can't take it with me, right?
Hope and Peace


Professor said...

It sounds like a grand day! And I'm glad you laughed- it's good for the soul.

curley said...

Ok, I caught up with the reading. I too had a great time shopping and laughing and I did get some stuff for myself, just not too much. It was so much fun. By the way, the new picture turned out pretty good even if I'm the one that took it.