Friday, March 16, 2012

Reading Interrupted

I was reading Defending Jacob by William Landay. About a third of the way into this novel, I got the eerie feeling that I just could not go on reading. It was just too raw and "real" to me. It dealt with teenagers in a middle school. As a former Middle School teacher, it was just too "close to home" for me right now. So, I gave myself permission to quit reading it for now. Maybe later I will, but not right now.

Now, don't let what I think keep any of you from reading it. It got rave reviews from several well-known writers. The high acclaim is written all over the back cover. So, if you like legal thrillers, go for it. Just don't let it "get to you" like I did.


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Mellodee said...

I don't recall encountering a book that struck too close to home so that I had to step away from it. That must have been unsettling. Of course, these days I try to stick with "happy" books. We get enough "reality" on the news!!