Sunday, March 18, 2012

We Could Have Been Killed...Or Worse!

*Sometimes those laughable "blasts from the past" just make good blog fodder!

Dateline:Somewhere in Massachusetts in the summer of 1966: My Uncle T and Auntie K and their two kids and I went on a camping trip to the East. Uncle T's new Ford pulling a Nimrod Apache fold-out camper trailer, loaded with 5 people and all the gear we would need for 3 weeks of fun and camping. Late one afternoon, we pulled into a campground called "Fireman's Field." This was somewhere in Massachusetts, close to the NY border. The firemen in this town maintained this campground, along with a wooded area, a park and a ball diamond.
There was a ballgame in progress as we pulled in, and it was followed by another one, under the lights. We set up camp, noticing that we were the only campers on the grounds. But, it was the middle of the week so we thought nothing of it and went about getting our evening meal and cleaning up the dishes. We all showered in the facilities provided and made ready for the night. When the ball game was over, the flood lights were extinguished and the fans departed, leaving us alone in the wooded camp. Boy, was it ever dark!
We hit the beds, and were comfortably asleep...until the middle of the night. Suddenly, my two cousins and I were roused from our slumber by Uncle T. He told us to get dressed and start packing up. And to do it quietly and quickly. No questions, just do it.
In less than ten minutes, we had packed up and were hooked up and on the road. We kids still didn't know what was going on. We moved across the state line and into another camp ground and set up, in the "almost dark" and went back to bed.
The next morning, Uncle T and Auntie K explained that Auntie K had awakened in the night and "thought" she saw someone wandering around the restroom/shower facility at Fireman's Field" and just "knew" that whomever it was, was an axe murderer and would kill us all in our sleep. Uncle T said he didn't see anyone, and just smiled, but kept his mouth shut.
For years afterwards, Auntie K never let us forget that she saved us all from being murdered by a deranged axe murderer.
Uncle T and Auntie K are both gone now, but the story lives on.



Curley said...

That sounds like so much fun. I remember a couple of times we went camping when I was in Jr. High. Like the time we were tent camping and a storm came up and we found out the next morning that a tornado touched down across the lake from where we were.

Dee said...

You never know...she might have saved your life for real....:)

Terry said...

It's been my experience that women exercise a superior intuitive power and it is generally wise to act on their intuitive judgement. It's true, she may have saved your lives - besides, she added excitement to your camping trip.