Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Come, let's stroll, stroll across the floor."

Last night, as Prof, Kiddo and I gathered in front of the TV, we discovered that all the good stuff was in reruns due to the NCAA games. Kiddo wandered upstairs after Jeopardy was over, I migrated into my "studio" to create a "thank you" card and Prof remained buried on the couch with afghan and laptop. Pretty soon I heard loud, old music coming from the living room. I went in to see what was on and Prof had the TV on one of those stations that plays 80's rock music, no videos, just stills of the artists and some scrolling information about the artist and the songs.

A song came on that Prof said, "I hate that song" to, so we changed it to a golden oldies channel. We heard Andy Williams, Dion and the Belmonts, Carole King, etc. Pretty soon, here came Kiddo "dancing" down the stairwell. We continued to listen and poke fun at (good naturedly, of course) some of the songs, at "doo-wop" backgrounds and laughed and sang along. Funny how that worked. Rosie and the Originals came on singing "Angel Baby," (circa 1961). Prof said that it sounded like a "stroll" song. So, she got up and did the stroll. I said that that wasn't the way we did the "stroll" when I was in HS. I got up and proceeded to show them how the "stroll" was really done. Not like a line dance, side to side, but with dancers forming a line on either side and you and your partner "strolled" down that aisle, then the next couple did the same. What memories that brought back.

Of course, all the time, Kiddo was "roflhao" and Prof told me that I probably wouldn't be able to walk tomorrow. Guess what, no pain, no gain. We laughed; we had fun. More memories in the making.

Of course, I didn't tell them that one time in HS I about got asked to leave a "sock hop" for doing the "stroll" with too much "pelvic thrust." Sounds like a scene from "Grease" doesn't it?
Strange but true, English teacher, RLB, gave me a tongue lashing, which caused chaos to reign. LOL!



Mellodee said...

I loved the stroll! Not only the dance, but the song too. All that bluesy sax sound....lucious!

Too much pelvic thrust??? Really? Oh the 60s were such a wild time!! Teacher must have passed out over the twist. LOL!!

Ah the good old days....nothing brings it back like the music!

Curley said...

Sounds like lots of fun. I, too got to listen to music of the 50's & 60's last night at a concert. All good music.

Terry said...

Go, JE, go.