Friday, March 30, 2012

Bloglanders Beware!

I noticed that there was a little "flag" atop my blog yesterday saying I could update my blog.  Being a real dummy on the computer, I thought that maybe it would improve my blog look if I updated.  NOT!  It is a new format for the dashboard.  It's all spread out, it's confusing, and what's worse, I can't seem to cancel it and get the old dashboard back. I'm not sure if I will ever be able to change my blog look again.  Where and how has seem to be missing on the new dashboard.  Damn technology!  Sometimes it is best to use the theory, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."  This is one of those times.  Why didn't I listen to my inner self???  So, fellow bloggers, if you are thinking of clicking that little "flag" when it appears, beware of change.  Change is not always good!

Not peaceful at the minute,


Mellodee said...

Every single time there is a change to computer stuff that is already in existence (the "updates"), it just makes me crazy!! The "improvements" are anything but! I "tried" the update myself and also hated it, but somehow I was able to get back to the old dashboard. I can't remember what I did though. It might be a moot point, because I have a feeling it is going to change automatically in April....but I don't think it is an April Fools Joke!!!

Do NOT give up blogging.....don't leave me out here all by myself!!

Dee said...

I did the same thing and there is a way...I do not know how to tell you but it is in one of the lets you go back to your old blog. Just keep searching for it. It is there.

Jimmie Earl said...

Whew! I went back after reading your comments, and just start clicking and got my old format back. I really don't know which thing I clicked, but it worked. Mysterious isn't it?
Thanks for your input which made me more persistent.

Terry said...

Just keep clicking - it'll all work out - that's my motto!!

Dee said... found it.\0/