Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Look???

There is this little sign atop my blog page when I sign on that says that "Blogger is getting a new look in April. Update Now.
I don't want to update now, or ever. I like it just the way it is. Why do we always have to update and change? Why can't the status quo be good enough? Is it necessary to update every time technology makes a baby step forward?
I remember when Microsoft came out with the new Office. What confusion it caused. Now I have an even newer version of Office, and I hate it. It's cumbersome to use, and for us novices on the computer, it's very confusing. As one of my readers stated the other day, "just keep clicking" and that's what I have to do. I used to know where to go to cut, paste, change margins, etc. But now, each thing you want to do is in a different place, and to find it they should draw you a "map" telling us how to do it. Clicking on "help" doesn't help, because it is not "user friendly" at all.
Oh well, now that I have whined, maybe it's time for some wine!



Mellodee said...

Let's start a crusade!! If we get our "mature" blogger friends to join us, we could probably change the world!!

So yeah, I'm a dreamer. Still, something needs to stop this madness!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Jim, came across your blog today while aimlessly clicking on the Next Blog link and finding countless that were not fun to read, but the good news is that yours was NOT one of those or maybe I just have a weird sense of what I like, which is OK with me. I totally agree with your comment that updating is NOT always necessary and "if it aint't broke then don't fix it." and yes we have been known to rant on our blog as well and like yourself are having run in our retirement. Please do stop in for a visit and look around and DO leave a comment because we do read all of them and usually reply. And we are an award and ad-FREE blog and proud of it too. And we do not require word verification for comments!

You can find us at

Anvilcloud said...

When I was teaching, I kept very up to date with Word, but I don't use it very much anymore. Now, it's Photoshop that I update with some regularity. Although it can be frustrating, I guess it's good to learn new things.

Oh I see Bea has found you and commented. She's a pretty regular blogger, more so than I these days.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Jimmie, forgot to add that like you I also do NOT like the new versions of Office, especially when I now find it so annoyingly difficult to find things in Word. I'm planning to ditch both my WIndows-based desktop PC and my notebook and get a single notebook compiuter, most likely a MacBook Pro and then will try the programs designed for it and not use Microsoft programs. I think I need a change after so many years of Microsoft/Windows PCs.

Dee said...

I am hanging in till the end...they will have to change it over for me.