Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Something New

Today I got two new things. First, I got a small bag of MINT flavored M & M's. Since mint and chocolate are two of my favorite food groups, I was ecstatic. I thought I had had them before, but the more I ate of them, I decided I had not. Maybe they are new. I asked Prof if she thought if I took a small bag of them to the Dairy Queen, they would make me a Mint M and M Blizzard. She laughed and said that probably not, but if she knew someone who worked there, she would find out.

Secondly, Prof gave me an early early birthday present. She gave me a Nook Color. Wow! I am really enthused about it and want to learn all I can about how it works. I got an account set up at Barnes and Noble, and intend to use it. We were there at the time, so I could go on their wireless service, and even checked my e mail. Advanced technology at my fingertips. Now all I have to do is learn how to use it. Might take time, but I bet I can do it.

Prof and I spent the day with two of my cousins. We sat at Barnes and Noble in Indianapolis for about 2 hours and visited, then we went to Red Robin for lunch and spent another 2 hours visiting, then back to Barnes and Noble. After the cousins left to trek on home, Prof and I went to Hobby Lobby where I picked up a few things for my card crafting.
It was a great day. We all laughed a lot over the silly stuff that we remembered about our folks and I found out stuff that I never knew about my favorite uncle and aunt. I'm sure the cousins found out stuff about my side of the family they never knew. We shared some coveted recipes; one for brown sugar cookies that our great grandmother used to make. We always thought it was a secret kept in the family, but cousin R said that everyone had it. What a let down. LOL! Prof decided to spend a few days in Indy with a friend, so I came on home by myself, stopped at the grocery, and arrived safely. These days are priceless!



Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Jimmie, what a wonderful day with mint flavored M&Ms, early birthday present (Happy Bday in advance) and a wonderful visit with family plus wonderful remembrances. Those brown sugar cookies sound like they might be delicious especially with a glass of cold milk.

Marcia said...

Mint flavor M&M's sound yummy!
I don't like the new Blogger interface much but I do think it looks better in print. To get it I had to switch to Google Chrome and I don't even like that as much as I did Explorer.
I do like your blog, though; just found it the other day. Hang in there!

Curley said...

Sounds like a great day had by all. Can't wait to see your new toy. Makes me want one.

Anvilcloud said...

Enjoy your Nook. My wife has an iPad, and I have a Playbook, which serve as our reading machines. I think we both like our readers, but I still get most of my books the old fashioned way, free from the public library. I have recently put up a couple of posts that stem from recollections of my teaching days if you're interested.

I noticed that you have stopped your other blog due to lack of interest, but I urge you to blog about whatever you want to for your own satisfaction. I have lost a lot of former readers who have just dropped out or resorted to Facebook, but I keep on, even if not as steadily as I used to.

Jimmie Earl said...

Anvilcloud: I plan to keep on blogging! It's a good outlet for me and helps keep my grammar and writing skills sharp.(After all those years in the classroom, I won't let those skills lapse.)
Thanks for your encouraging words. I really appreciate them.
I have a lot to learn about the Nook. I think I will really enjoy it when I learn all about it's ins and outs. I still like the feel of paper in hand when I read, and am a frequent visitor at our public library.
As for Facebook, bah humbug! I think people spend way too much time on there telling everyone too much personal data. I like to look, say a few things, then move on! Not for me. Neither is that Twitter thing!