Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Toy

Okay, I know that it won't mean much to you folks who don't like to craft, but I have a new toy to play with now. I have been watching for a Cricut Expressions (tm) on e bay for quite a while. They are pretty spendy if you buy one new, but every once in a while they pop up on e bay for a fairly reasonable amount.
For you who don't know what I am talking about, A Cricut is an electronic device that cuts paper into letters or shapes after you input the data. I bought a used one several years ago, but it was small, and didn't have all the bells and whistles on it that the newer ones had. (Just like all other technology and cars, they are outdated rapidly).
Last week I found this reconditioned one on e bay for an excellent "buy now" price. Now, bear in mind, I have never purchased anything on there, so I was a little skeptical. Curley assured me that her husband "Fisherman" has bought things, both large (a bass boat) and small (fishing lures) on there, so I could be safe, especially if I bought from a dealer that had 4 or five stars after their name.(This one did)
The Cricut arrived via UPS. I have had a ball trying out the different things it will do. It came with a video which helped a lot, and I also downloaded some software from the manufacturer onto my used laptop, so I can tandem the two and do amazing things.
I can see the dust accumulating, and the grass growing, but I sit here at my studio table creating still another greeting card. Maybe some of you will receive one. Oh, wait, I don't have addresses for snail mail, so the best I can do will be to post some pics of the cards I am making on here.
Let the fun continue. For me....the rest of you can just yawn, and hope tomorrow's post is more interesting. LOL!


BTW: Thanks for all the feedback about the appalling adult. I am proud of my son, told him so, and think, therefore, enough has been said and that I will keep my mouth shut. Imagine that!


Curley said...

Nothing wrong with a little dust. I don't have a Cricut but I do have the dust. As for the lawn, let the grandson do that. I am envious. I have seen your cards. They are beautiful.

Terry said...

My wife, Denise doesn't have one yet - must be the only thing she doesn't have - now you've convinced her to take the plunge - thanks a lot. She does have a big shot with tons of dies.

Jimmie Earl said...

Terry: Tell Denise that I looked at the Expressions @, which is the latest one, but it is entirely too technical for me. There's a touch screen and one has to use as stylus to use it. I need bigger stuff in my old age. LOL!
Curley: It's a good thing there's nothing wrong with a little dust. I could grow a crop on my piano right now. You are welcome to come use my Cricut any time. Be glad to show you how. As for grandson mowing, he would probably dry the "grass" and then smoke it. HA!

Jimmie Earl said...

Hey Terry, I meant the Expressions 2. Hit the wrong key. That'll teach me to type in the dark.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Glad you having a great time with this, Jimmie. Youngest daughter living in PA has one, or something very similar, and now all the cards she sends are handmade...very nice.