Sunday, April 08, 2012

One of those days!

Every once in a while, not too often, I have one of those days where I feel "at loose ends." Today was one of those. I attended church, sang in the choir, and had a joyful worship experience. Prof and I stopped at McDonald's after church for a large coffee, then came on home.
The rest of the day, I just wandered around the yard, did some crafting, went for a drive, visited my late wife's grave, took an nap and ate some supper.
Now, it's barely dark, and I feel like I am still looking for something to do. I don't feel like reading, or crafting, and Sunday night TV sucks! (As do most nights of TV). I think this "disjointed" feeling is hard to deal with. I never know just how to handle myself when I feel like this. It's like being on a slow moving treadmill. Or something. Oh well, maybe this too shall pass. Then it will be on to bigger and better things tomorrow. (But, at the price of fuel these days, it better be close to home. LOL!)



Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Jimmie, the feeling you describe might have something to do with today being a holiday and you feelings a sense of loss more so, especially after visiting your wife's grave. Hope you are feeling more connected by Monday. I have had similar feelings at times.

Curley said...

I think we all have that feeling at one time or another. I think Beatrice might be right that you are missing Tillie. I think Easter is considered a "family" holiday. Maybe that is the reason for the feeling of "loose ends" that you are having. I think at times like this you should consider going to see the younger grandkids. They are always an uplifing experience.

Anonymous said...

Not fer nuthin, but get hold of some medical pot and have a toke or two on those days when you feel restless.
Then, it won't matter what you do, it will seem fascinating. Have fun.