Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Eating Habits are Hard to Break

When I was a mere lad at home, Mom always made sure my Bro and I ate well. She insisted that we eat a hearty breakfast, and always had a good, nutritious evening meal. Five days a week, we ate lunch in the school cafeteria, so basically we were well fed.
In college, I ate at a little diner close to school for breakfast. Coffee and toast, and maybe, a sausage sandwich. No lunch, as my schedule didn't permit it, and then for evening supper, my roomie and I usually ate something fried. Hamburger, pork chops and the like.
Into marriage, I learned very quickly that my wife was an excellent cook and we ate well. Too well, and too many potatoes and starch. I balooned. She did too, but her's was from the growing child inside. For 38 years I ate very well.
Now, not so much. I look for easy fixes, and have learned to like TV Dinners, and frozen entres. But my really favorite food group is chocolate! I like chocolate just about any way one can get it. As long as it doesn't contain coconut, I will eat it. French Silk pie is one of my favorites, as are brownies and no bake chocolate cookies. I like chocolate covered graham crackers, and often scarf down a few with my morning coffee. I like chocolate chip cookies, although I think oatmeal raisin are my very favorite (huh? no chocolate there!). I learned long ago that nothing goes better with a cold beer than a Hershey bar, no almonds!
Now, I also like salads, and chicken. I am trying to stay away from red meat, except once in a while, and I am trying to develop a taste for salmon. My sister-in-law taught me how to bake salmon and serve it with a mango salsa (fresh mango, red onion and cilantro) which I could eat every day if I could afford it.
I just don't worry about eating as much as I used to. If I am hungry, I eat. If not, I don't. With Prof and Kiddo living with me right now, meals are a little more timely, but often they are both out and about and, when left to my own devices, I revert back to the bare necessities. Beer and chocolate, with a side of chicken salad. LOL!


Curley said...

Beer and Chocolate?!? Ugh. Sounds terrible. Chocolate? YES! Beer? Maybe. But together? I don't think so.

Jimmie Earl said...

Curley: Don't knock it until you try it, especially Dove Dark Chocolate and Coors! Or Sam Adams! Ha!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Jimmie, since Im not a beer drinker I will take your word for the chocolate and beer combo, but can vouch for red wine and chocolate. We also eat more chicken and fish than red meat and are trying to avoid anything "white" so good thing that does NOT include chocolate! Oatmeal raisin are a favorite of mine too and I've had some with chocolate chips in them... Best of both worlds.

Dee said...

You would enjoy eating a meal at my house :)

momto8 said...

I like beer with salty stuff...chips, pretzels...
but I love to cook my family is growing up eating mostly healthy foods..and I am always surprised when we go out to eat that they make healthy choices!
enjoy you meals!!