Monday, April 16, 2012

Appalling Behavior for an Adult

I got home from church yesterday and before long my son called. He was "fuming." He told me that he and Miss K were in church yesterday and afterwards they were standing talking to a friend of my son's. Another guy, who is quite a bit older than me came up and began talking about something happening in Florida or somewhere. He used the "N" word. Yes, you read right, the real for sure "n" word and said that it was a "n" problem they were having wherever it was . Then he turned to my son and asked him what the "n" population was in the correctional facility where he worked.
My son said, and I quote, "First of all, we don't use the "n" word here, or anywhere else, and especially not in front of my 4 year old daughter. Secondly, it's really none of your business, and if I used that word on my job, I would lose my job."
He was upset that this person, who is a neighbor of theirs would talk that way in this day and age of political correctness. He was also hoping that Miss K, who picks up on about everything right now didn't say the word.
After listening to my son, I am appalled that an educated, adult would stoop so low. I am inclined to corner this guy at church next Sunday and talk to him about it. After all we do have some people of other ethnic backgrounds at our church. I would hate for them to hear this guy spouting his "trash mouth." Then again, is it really my place to say anything? Maybe my son said enough yesterday.



Mellodee said...

Your son already handled it, sweetie! What you CAN do is let your son know how proud of him you are! You and his momma raised him right!

(Especially as opposed to the neighbor, who was raised by wolves!!)

Dee said...

Appalling is right...and in church?!!! Does not this man know that God is listening to what we say. I think your son took care of it very well.

Curley said...

I think your son handled it the right way. Right then and there. If I were you, I wouldn't say anything to the person unless he says something to you. If he is quite a bit older than you he was probably raised in a time when that word was used quite alot. Either that or he's becoming senile.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Jimmie,mI agree with the others who commented and feel that your son handled this situation very well. Personally, I would hold off accosting that other guy unless confronted by his ignorance yourself.

Terry said...

I think people like him have a very low view of themselves and need to make themselves look bigger by demeaning others. I also think the best way to deal with them is give them a look of disgust and walk away without giving them the satisfacton of a verbal reaction. People like that don't have the ability to communicate productively.
IMHO, Terry

Anvilcloud said...

If he's much older than you, leave it alone. They were raised in different times, and the damage is done.