Friday, April 13, 2012

Scaling Down!

I have been going thru the kitchen cabinets once more getting rid of stuff that either never use, have two or more of , or I ask myself, "what is this and what is it doing in my kitchen." I have discovered that we at one time owned 5 different sets of dishes. I need one. We have about a million coffee mugs of different shapes and sizes. I use one, and need a couple for company. Of course each set of dishes has matching cups or mugs, so I have many to choose from besides the odd ones. I have two corner cupboards full of odds and ends of crystal and silver stuff, serving things, salt and peppers, and other objects that I wonder about. I also have an antique "secretary" that contains my late wife's tea pot collection. They haven't been moved since way before she passed away, and I can guarantee you that most of them were collected for the mere fact that they were tea pots, not for their usefulness.
I also have enough Christmas decorations to fully decorate at least 6 trees, and at one time we had nine (yes I said 9) trees decorated. I have condensed all I can. I need to get rid of stuff. The kids already have what they want, or have spoken for what they desire to have, and this is just the rest of the leftovers.
I have tried selling on eBay and that's more hassle than I want to do. I never have luck at having rummage sales either. The last one I tried, I was open for 2 days and made a grand total of $50.00 or so. It's not worth the work involved.
So, I am thinking of donating all the stuff I want to get rid of to my church for their massive rummage sale. They have one once a year and it is huge. It's only one day long, but the crowds are massive. I am checking into the "charitable donation" aspect of doing this, and think I can claim a set amount on my taxes, which would benefit me, and the stuff sold would benefit the church. Most of the money earned there goes to our mission projects, so it's a worthy cause.
So, I am deciding what to keep, what to toss, and what to give away. This will take a while, but, hey, all I got is time!



Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Jimmie, I know all about downsizing and have been working on doing that for a few months now. Lots of donations to thrift stores and also a couple of other places folks seem to forget. I brought lots of craft stuff, frames, stuffed toys, Knicks knacks to a local assisted living and office supplies to a women's shelter and they were so glad their funding for such supplies had been cut they told me. You are so right about yard sales being a hassle and not profitable for all the time and effort in getting stuff ready. I've had some successes onebay, but you really have to get lucky there sometimes with so many sellers offering the same or similar items. Good luck to you!

Mellodee said...

My philosphy is if I can still close the doors on the cabinet, closet, hutch, garage, etc., that means I've got enough room for my stuff!!

(That's my story and I'm sticking to it!! LOL!)

Dee said...

I think any or all of your solutions to downsizing your stuff are good choices.They will become someone
else's treasures.

Jimmie Earl said...

Bea: Thanks for your suggestions. I have gifted the local senior center with some of my craft stuff that I no longer use. This is not as easy as I thought it would be.
Mel: Your philosophy has been mine for too long. I don't want my kids to be faced with all this "stuff" down the road like I was. My mom left a big house full plus a basement and a two story garage full of stuff I had to go thru and part with. That was heartbreaking. So, to help my own along, I am busting out of those cabinets, closets, hutches, and of course my overly clogged garage.
Dee: That adage about one man's trash being another man's treasure hopefully will hold true. I threw a musty old pair of wing tip shoes away once, and before the trash men went, I saw an older man sitting on my curb trying on those shoes. He took them home with him. Goes to show ya...

Curley said...

All ideas here are good ones. I agree about the rummage sale. Too much work for not alot of profit. If you can claim the donation on your taxes, that would be a better way to go.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Jimmie, I can so relate to your desire to reduce the amount of stuff so your family will not have this chore. My downsizing has much to do with a planned move, but also to perhaps convince mt mom who lives in NJ that she should consider doing so as well. I have offered to help, but she becomes angry at suggestions to give away items she thinks can be sold. She lives in a home Silurian to whatbyou described for your mom, complete with a basement, attic and 2 car garage, which still has a lot of my father's tools and he died well over 25 years ago. So you are not alone, my friend.

Anvilcloud said...

Good choice. We always donate. We can't give a lot otherwise, but at least we can give away our old stuff.

booknut said...

If you are giving away Tilly's tea sets, I will take them. I love her crazy collection.