Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fashion Statement of Faux Pas?

Are flannel "pajama" pants now a fashion statement?

I was at a local department store the other day (you guessed it...Walmart), and I noticed several women walking around the store in flannel pants. One had teddy bears on a powder blue background, another Sponge Bob Square Pants on a bright yellow background. Still another wore what looked like big purple dinosaurs on a lavender background. All wore tee shirts and flip flops, too. All pants were baggy and dragged on the ground, thus were soiled and sloppy looking.

Now, these were not teenagers; these were moms, or at least two of them had young ones in the carts with them. The kids were in tee shirts and jeans, not in their jammies.

I just wondered to myself," did these gals have a slumber party, or did they just get up and decide to go en masse to Wally World, and were too lazy to get dressed?" Maybe I am out of touch, but it seems like pajamas should stay at home. Along with sweat pants, yoga pants and lounge wear. I know that most people own at least jeans, and that has to look better than wearing flannel baggies that make one look larger than they are. Don't these gals ever look in a mirror. Maybe they are just too lazy to care.

Then today, there was a car stopped along the highway with the hood up. Standing there with a cigarette in one hand, and cell phone up to her ear, watching a guy poking around under the hood was a gal guessed it, flannel loungers that were black with red chili peppers on them.

All that is missing from these outfits are tee shirts printed with "I have completely given up on life."



Curley said...

I so totally agree with you. People have gotten very lazy about their appearance when in public. If they dress like slobs in public, makes you wonder what kind of person they will attract for a spouse. My mother would have kicked my butt if I went out like that. Probably would even today and I'm almost 55.

Mellodee said...

It is a current "fashion trend". That doesn't make it attractive, stylish, pretty, or even acceptable, but it doesn't necessarily mean just-fell-out-of- bed-and-had-to-make-an-emergency-run-to-Walmart-for-clean- underwear-before-I-can-get-dressed!!

The whole thing is just one more indication of the general decline in being properly clothed when out in public. Underwear visible (even flaunted), no decorum, no self-respect, necklines too low, and hems too high. Its not cute, its not sexy, its not anything but outrageous. Don't these people ever look in a mirror??? And its not just kids.

Its as good a sign as any, that our society is dangerously close to losing all common sense and standards are a thing of the past.

I couldn't even wear slacks to school, until I was in college! Dresses, skirts, hose, or socks, knees covered, and if something was showing that shouldn't be showing, you were sent home and your mother had to go to school to get you back in.

Boy, oh boy, times have changed....not only for the better either!

Jimmie Earl said...

As I re-read my blog I thought of another word to describe this trend. "Slovenly" came to mind.

I agree with you both. And I don't "get" it. Why don't people want to "put their best foot forward" anymore? Just askin'. >)

Mel, when I was in school, the girls had to wear dresses or skirts, and the guys wore "wash pants" with shirts tucked in. A belt was mandatory. This was "public school," even. Wow! How times have changed, and you're right, not always for the better!

booknut said...

I would just like to say that I try never to go out in public in sweat pants or pajama pants. That being said, I do go out in exercise clothes (ocassionally) but that is usually after I have been to Zumba and need to run to the store for something. I never would have been caught dead wearing something like pajamas to school.

Dee said...

If I wore my pajama's to Walmart they would think I got lost from a nursing home...:)